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John Thalacker
Call order forth from Chaos
Call order forth from Chaos

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▲ Irving, TX
◀ 🌏 ▶ (972) 259-8081

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Public-Private Partnerships
7 Keys to Successful P3s

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+Mrs Mindfulness
Melli O’Brien, mindfulness teacher and practitioner

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Dr. Ron Siegel: "The Science of #Mindfulness"
How do I increase my capacity to be with it ?
Talks at Google

All anxiety is anticipatory
When we're frightened we're frightened of the future

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Clinical trial of psilocybin for major depression
Doctor of clinical psychology Rosalind Watts

Truth or Dare Jenga: Adult Edition

1. Use only one hand at a time.
2. Stack blocks truth or dare side down.
3. if a player declines a truth or dare, they must take a shot.
4. If player topples tower, player must take a shot and complete additional dare of group choice.
5. If anyone intentionally knocks over tower they must lick, to erection, the left nipple of all same sex players.
6. Ladies choose first block.
7. Can't draw w/in 6 complete rows from the top until necessary.
8. If player topples tower prior one complete revolution, then default to rule 5.

1. What was the last lie that you told?
2. What was the last item you shoplifted and when?
3. What adolescent fantasy do you still jerk or fiddle to?
4. Explain when someone the opposite of your sexual orientation has made a pass at you. If never, make pass at player opposite of your sexual orientation.
5. Group choice.
6. Have you ever fantasized about a disney character? which one?
7 Have you ever flashed anyone? if no, flash now.
8. If your lover transformed into an animal and the only way to restore them to their human form was to mate with them, which animal would you prefer?
9. Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why?
10. Group choice.
11. What's the worst thing about your gender?
12. Story of the first time you did your hardest drug?
13. Have you ever been photographed or drawn nude? if not, get drawn nude.
14. Sluttiest thing you've ever done? (Sarah is banned from this question)
15. Group Choice.
16. Have you ever thought of suicide? How would you do it?
17. If you had to kill one person in the room, who and why?
18. What's your worst fear?
19. What's the worst thing you've seen someone doing?
20. What's the worst thing someone has caught you doing?
21. Have you ever cried directly before/during/after sex? Explain. If no, cry now.
22. Group Choice.
23. Has anything foreign been in your ass? if not, put icecube down pants, let melt.
24. When was the last time you faked an orgasm? did anyone buy it?
25. Group Choice.
26. What's the strangest thing you've masturbated to or with?
27. Most embarrassing memory?

1. Carry player to your left around the room once.
2. Kiss player to your right.
3. Kiss player to your left.
4. Kiss player to your opposite.
5. Group choice.
6. Lick player's ear to your left.
7. Let player to your right text anyone in your phone once.
8. Spend next round on the player's lap across from you.
9. Have another player tie your hands together for next 3 rounds.
10. Let (DeadSeaGulls) tattoo your thigh.
11. Take off either your shirt or your pants.
12. Person opposite you gives you a wedgie.
12. Stuff mouth with flour and try to whistle.
14. Swallow teaspoon of cinnamon Danger to lungs
15. Group choice.
16. Take a shot of least favorite liquor.
17. Head stand until next turn, if you fail; take shot.
18. Invisible Chair sit against wall, if you fail take shot.
19.Let someone draw a mustache or unibrow on you (artists hands must not smell like vagina).
20. All players pour 1.5 oz of their drink into players cup, player must drink.
21. Group choice.
22. Demonstrate with player to your right your favorite sex position.
23. Run to back fence in underwear.
24. Blindfolded, identify another player by grabbing ass.
25. Group Choice.
26. Every player slaps your ass with yardstick.
27. Change profile picture to duckface. No explanation. Must remain for 24 hours.
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