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See This is the kind of crap that's choking the life out of this country Share if you care
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yes they can, But seems they'd rather choke on there own bowels...
No they can't. They get off on this type of stuff. Its what they live for. And they love to drown in their own vomit. History proves it!
I saw someone posted a picture of it a few days ago on Facebook. I am ashamed that people still think this way. Ignorant, small-minded people have shown over and again that intolerance still runs rampant in America. I worked my a@@ off in '08 to help him carry VA, and am damn proud he is my President.
At the core of all political systems, is identity politics, where republican versus democrat is no different than white versus black, Jew versus Muslim or male versus female, with the objective of divide then conquer. It is the same dialectic process of thesis versus antithesis to converge into synthesis that is used to get one to think in terms of being a member of a group, rather than as an individual, because as an individual, the system is criminal.

Just as NO one can play politics without being political, No one can play the race game and not be racist.
So i have to ask +Stefen Randall are you for or against the way things are going in this political race, if you agree withe the post Share it +Stefen Randall
+john sanders Once one understands that politics is nothing more than organized criminality, the only option left if one has an ounce of moral integrity is to not play their game.
You have to do something besides sitting on the talking about don't play the game the ball is in your court you either play are get tackled, i'm not laying down w/o a fight... your last comment didn't answer the question or do you not intend to ..
i'm aware of that but where do you as a us citizen stand..
All the history in the world can't help us now, we need to make a stand on what's going on now at this point in american history..
Total destruction has become the only option.
+john sanders >where do you as a us citizen stand..

Citizen is just another word for slave. I'm not a slave.
This is Going nowhere! I'm posting what i stand for....
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