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New music. ❤ This is the first piece I mainly composed using the bass guitar. ❤ Hope you'll like it. :)

Some notes: Kyril Dice is the name of my current music project. I make different types of music: from lofi to experimental, computer music, noise pop, drum and bass, etc. Kyril Dice is on its 6th year (Dec. 30 Philippine Time, born on 2010). The demo track above serves as the sole release of the music project's 5th anniversary.

Artist: smile
Pic source:
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John Philips Nufable

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Keep in mind that if you, or someone you know, are a person who believes that (reported) facts are lies just because you don't agree with them, then you're a stupid idiot.
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Amen. Tired of hearing how something is 'liberal media' or 'apart of the conspiracy'

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John Philips Nufable

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Complimenting someone who's good in English is fine. It doesn't matter where that person comes from. No, seriously. There are some Americans who suck at English like how Filipinos suck at Filipino.. Tagalog.. (?) and so on and so on. Not only that, one should consider whether a person's an introvert or simply not used to talking.. of course you wouldn't expect any "good" to whatever language they have in terms of talking, at least.

So.. if you happen to offend someone by complimenting them, so fucking what? And yes.. there's a difference between complimenting and mocking. Or, or, or.. Simply not compliment at all.

You find an "Asian-looking" person who's actually Canadian who has parents of Irish and Indian descent whose English is really good, like really really better than yours? So fucking what?

There are a lot of people with no ill-intentions, who have a clean conscience.. who are simply good people but risk walking on a landmine one day and getting a "you offend me" response without trying to be offensive.

As much as people should at least try to be "sensitive" to people who are easily "offended" (who the fuck cares, but whatever), people should also at least try to consider that not everyone are assholes.

I simply detest one-sided things passionately..

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Mr. Nufable, all people can be different, indeed. Environment, a type perception of reality, an ability of art and mind.
Exist a typical judgment about other people and objects, for it exists a reasons.
But world has so variable and balanced, that it isn't matter , how are you. For every person exists a way for a teaching and development , life teach any person, if a person wanted.
I like your thoughts.
single, any pointless hatred create a new pointless hatred.
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John Philips Nufable

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Do you remember last night?
We talked over the phone for four hours.
The morning actually caught us.

But now, why are you suddenly cold to me?
I spent the entire time next to you
yet there weren't even a "Hello" from you.
Hello, hello? Hello?
Can you still hear me?

If we're not on the phone..
If we're here in reality..

Hello, I can't understand you anymore
Is the line between us fuzzy?
Hello, I wonder if you're still awake
Hello, I'm getting dizzy from you.

Every night, whenever the phone rings
You're the one I think of
Call. You should call.
Oh please, you should really call

Because your voice is needed to be heard..
Oh, tonight, dream..
Let's dream in our own worlds again

Hello, I can't understand you anymore
Is the line between us unclear?
Hello.. are you still awake?
Hello.. I'm losing my mind over you.


Anime; Kyoukai no Kanata
Character: Hiroomi Nase
Song: "Telepono" / "Telephone" by Sugarfree (lyrics are roughly translated, originally from Filipino)
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John Philips Nufable

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Demon King: "Hero's hair is all fluffy."
Female Knight: "He's like a big dog."
Hero: ">///<"

Anime: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha / Archenemy and Hero
Characters: Onna Kishi (Female Knight), Yuusha (Hero) and Maou (Demon King)
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John Philips Nufable

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Philippines wins case vs China.
1: The so-called "9-dash line" is invalid
2: China has behaved unlawfully
3: Beijing has damaged the environment

Today is a good day. ❤

Anime: Ao No Exorcist / Blue Exorcist
Characters: Kuro and Kamiki Izumo
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I'm telling y'all. World war 3 happening soon
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John Philips Nufable changed his profile photo.

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Profile picture from January 2017 to mid-2018.

previous profile picture since July 1, 2015:

Character: Arato Endo
Novel/Manga: Beatless: Dystopia
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John Philips Nufable

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"This video is a good example of the media believing people or anything we say. This is why I don't trust them(, the media)."

... So, you're telling me, all non-media people are untrustworthy? So, why the fuck should I believe you, you cunt penis!?

Point is: In general, the media simply relay information. Sure they mess up by relaying information based on their imperfect analyses, biased opinions and misinterpretations but this shouldn't always be a one-sided thing.

If you lie to the media, (barring in mind that the media trust the people they interview or whatnot) and then blame them for reporting something inaccurate, you can't simply trust them when you're at fault / the cause of such inaccuracy / misunderstanding.

Give the media a chance and do your part and don't tell a lie.. Or else.. Well, some satirical news can simply make a segment out of you on how a filthy liar you are. And, that would be a fair game.

Mustache. Mustache.
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Uissss! Thuần tình nha đầu hỏa lạc lạc ;'))
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John Philips Nufable

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Probably... for the sake of getting it correct.
But life happened.. Best to sleep well as life will carry on. Don't worry. Stay strong. The world and your ass can get through this. Just don't forget: assholes stay assholes. #BelieveThat   

Ne lasu amo morti en la stratoj.

Character: Kaworu Nagisa (from Evangelion)

#brexit   #uselections2016   #ferdinandmarcos   #clusterfuck   #IAmStillANastyWoman #dumpsterfire2016  
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John Philips Nufable

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I love free stuff where I can learn new things. ❤

A lot of neat learning paths:
1: Become a Music Producer
2: Become a Data Scientist
3: Become a Full-Stack Web Developer
.. and among other courses. :D

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That's wonderful you have a new roads to follow +John Philips Nufable 😊☘💐🎉 and try to fulfil it!
I did too! Attended Free Study courses way back 2005, Winter 2016 and start of a new one this Spring 2016 then next year another one.
Thankful and grateful. Take care... Study, learn as many as you can. 😊☘💐🎉
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John Philips Nufable

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I'm back. Hello. After four months, I'll be on Google+ regularly now. I won't be able to post a lot for now but you can consider me 'active'. That is all.

Character: Yuto Yaishiki
Game: すやすや男子1
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Nah I'm kidding 
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John Philips Nufable

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New crush: Cathy Kelley ❤❤❤❤❤

pic source:

random sample cuteness:
(watch from 0:00s to 0:15s)

+WWE +WWE Network #Babymetal  
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साँई राम
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