Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse Today

This afternoon/evening's annular solar eclipse will be visible from much of Asia, the Pacific region, and western North America. Even if you're not in the regions with full eclipses occur, you may see a partial eclipse. Annulus is Latin for little ring, which is what you'll see when the moon blocks 94% of the sun at the peak of the eclipse; the moon won't fully block the sun because it is near apogee or the furthest distance from the earth (the opposite of this month's recent super moon).

Check this timetable to plan you viewing.

Before watching an eclipse, check these Safe Sunwatching practices.

The Japanese Hinode spacecraft will travel through the eclipse path 4 times.

Find out more about todays solar eclipse here.

Wikipedia has more on solar eclipses here.

Be on the lookout for the many great photos viewers will make today.
Please post a link here in the comments if you find/have images to share.
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