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First, your point is trivially true. So much so that you seem to be the only person to have an issue with the point JC was making.

That you apparently think that we should measure the merits of our society against the absolute worst examples of humanity, and be satisfied with being better than those, instead of against the better tomorrow that we hope to be able to achieve, may explain why.

You really come across as a person with religious convictions interfering with your ability to reason. This can be clearly seen in every counter argument you have presented in this thread. With each of your arguments you just dig yourself a deeper hole and you don’t even understand why the people here have responded to you in that way.


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The statement is: “This could have been filmed only in America: in other places the instruction is more insidious.” I am pointing out that this is obviously false and a ridiculous statement on multiple levels. It is trivially true only inasmuch as hoosiers do not really exist outside of America. Do you think outside of America they do not produce and openly, not in any way insidiously fyi, promote things like madrasas which advocate genocide against Jews along with terrorism and general Death to America? That is just one example. To be so upset about hoosiers acting stupid in Church with a little kid singing about no homos in heaven strikes me as more than a bit ridiculous. What the hell do you think they do at home? Have gay bash kumbaya sleepovers with guys who look like Bobby Knight yelling at them about being real men? For all I know they probably do that and I do not care because there are much bigger things to get upset about than how hoosiers and hillbillys behave in private.

in·sid·i·ous   [in-sid-ee-uhs] Show IPA
intended to entrap or beguile: an insidious plan.
stealthily treacherous or deceitful: an insidious enemy.
operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect: an insidious disease.
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 The level of stupidity and hostility at this blog is really breathtaking. When you consider that it is being sponsored by a University of Chicago professor in evolutionary biology and ecology. A place where I did in fact spend a few years with some very brilliant profs who never once brought up anything about religion being a big issue, poisoning everything or how everyone in the US needs to accept anything they taught.  This kind of prof as militant academic crusader vis-a-vis the warfare and cash engine model of Richard Dawkins did not exist then. This has progressed to a point of absurdity where these guys are being sandbagged, rope-a-doped and made absurd as a bunch of bellicose hostile clannish morons by creationists. I like how shocked they are by a what goes on in hoosier churches and assorted hillbilly groups. Like this is effing news? They are that effing naive about life in the US?  Totally ridiculous as are the endless petty disputes they vehemently take part in with a bunch of people they consider half wits and IDiots. 
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