I'm going to teach an undergraduate game theory course next quarter.  I can do whatever I want, limited by the fact that the students have only had one quarter of multivariable calculus.   What books do you suggest?  And do you know any good ways to actually play 2-person games in class, or against a computer online?

I won't pick just one book; I'll take material from anything that looks good.  The syllabus says "Covers two-person zero-sum games, minimax theorem, and relation to linear programming. Includes non-zero-sum games, Nash equilibrium theorem, bargaining, the core, and the Shapley value. Addresses economic market games."  However, I'd like to do some evolutionary game theory.

Today I checked out three books for inspiration:

• J. D. Williams, The Compleat Strategyst.

• Andrew M. Colman, Game Theory and its Applications in the Social and Biological Sciences.

• Thomas L. Vincent and Joel S. Brown, Evolutionary Game Theory, Natural Selection, and Darwinian Dynamics.
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