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Who Uses the Internet? The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project released an update showing the demographics of US internet users.

Additional charts:
Additional user demographics:

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Thanks for sharing.

John, I keep getting comments that "my clients" don't use social media, smart phones, or the Internet. 

First, I do think there are differences in the Southeast vs use in the MidWest or North Central states.

However, is it possible that farmers (ave age is around 55 - 62) is using the Internet significantly less than the population? Even if the use number is half of the population ...still that is 35% of the farmers use the Internet....

Internet use among farmers and traditional cooperative extension clients is much higher than I think some in our organization are seeing/understanding or wanting to believe. The use of social media (I am not saying Facebook only) and mobile phones is greater than some in the SE I think.

I am on a bit of a rant ...sorry.

Thanks again for sharing.
I am not aware of data that shows regional differences; I am sure there are some. I have not parsed any data I have at regional level. Will the next ag census start to show any regional trends? 
I am fairly certain that ag census data breaks down use of broadband by state. But there is no mobile use of social media use. 

One of the reasons I believe there are differences in the regions is because of farm size differences (both in terms of acreage and receipts). 

There is indication from proprietary data that Internet use and mobile phone use among farmers with receipts more than $250K is very close to the numbers we see in the general population accounting for age.
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