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h/t +Android Headlines 

New invitation settings feature which will make it easier for you to communicate. You’ll be able to turn on this feature, and once you do that, friends with your verified phone number / e-mail will be able to contact you directly. Feature hitting your phones any day now.

#hangouts   #videochat   #google
Google Is Rolling Out New Invitation Settings For Hangouts

#google   #googlehangouts   #invitationsettings   #feature   #android  
Hangouts have become a really powerful communication tool for Google. The Mountain View giant has been improving the service ever since it launched back in
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Johan Claeys

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Working with Google for Work

Time saver to go to your admin console for personal account manahement.
Time saver for Apps Admins: Get to your Admin console using Your users can access their personal account management page the same way.

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Johan Claeys

Introduce Yourself - Tell Us About Your Courses  - 
Hello to all.
Found out about Udemy through a friend. Have no experience with Udemy but started to watch the Udemy introduction course and the one from Wystia on video production... Was veryy impressed of the environment, tools and marketing.  As  Dutch speaking I am planning to start a Udemy course in English....   huge challenge for me. Guess I will do first a try... to check if Udemy is really workable for me. 
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Gosh I would like to thank everybody here in this community for all that  great support, advise and motivational talk... I feel a little bit more comfortable now...  :-)
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Johan Claeys

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The quote says it all 
Don't make us turn this car around. 

Ask #GoogleMaps "Are we there yet?" 4 times for a treat.
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Johan Claeys

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*Everyone a fine weekend ! *

Here it is announced to be hot.... for the weekend

So if you're looking for inspiration for a DIY pool well I have 23 to share 

h/t +James Clarke 

#happyfriday   #weekend  
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Johan Claeys

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For Our YouTubers:
For Our Crowdcasters (registration not required)

From the beginnings of mankind, we have always wondered what it would be like to be among the clouds.  The sky has inspired many great inventions, philosophies, and in-depth insights.  

In the earliest imaginations, it was known that if we wanted to experience the clouds, we would have to gain a pair of wings and be like the birds that can effortlessly fly among the clouds.  

In our current times, the word “cloud” has a different meaning.  Today, when we talk of clouds, it is usually referencing the unseen massively-technical happenings where digital materials can be stored or shared via the internet.  

Isn’t it interesting that they have paralleled what our natural clouds are with what our technical clouds are doing for us right now?

This Monday, July 13, our featured guest on the Lights, Camera, HOA broadcast will be +Johan Claeys.  He's been among the technical clouds for quite some time now and  the founder of which focuses on Digital Marketing Strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

He’s been a Google Cloud Collaborator, and evangelizes about how technology is about getting the job done more efficiently and effectively.  So as you might guess, Johan will tell us about the wings that await us when we strive to do more things in the “technical” clouds.  

Johan lives in Belgium with his family and enjoys meeting others all around the world via “the cloud.” 

Please join us as we speak with Johan.  Communicating during a live-streaming video broadcast is how people are growing their own wings to explore the world beyond geographic boundaries!  

If you would like to connect with Johan via his Google+ profile, this is his link:

Select YES or MAYBE so this event is placed into your Calendar as a placeholder as a reminder.  Selecting NO will not give you any reminder notifications.

To find out what you need to get started, watch this video:

Please watch the +Lights, Camera HOA Instructions and Requirements video: to determine if you are ready to receive the Join Hangout  button for the live broadcast on a future Monday.

If you would like to be on any future shows, please send an email our way –
Meloney Hall at OR 
Rayne Dowell at

**** Guests who have requested to be on the show ****
 will receive the JOIN HOA notification 15-20 minutes before we GO-LIVE on-air to prep inside the “green room” (pre-show area).  Guests will also be invited to stay with us after the show for a quick “WOW, I Did It” release-of-joy moment!  
We launch our HOA’s from a G+ Business Page, which means you will have to “circle” it (add it).  This is the link to the page:

What time will this broadcast be in YOUR time zone?

HOST:  Connect with Meloney Hall on G+  

CO-HOST:  Connect with Rayne Dowell on G+  

COMMENT TRACKER:  Connect with Sheila Strover on G+

Join our Google+ Page:

Join our G+ Community:  

WE NOW USE CROWDCAST! Take a Look at that!

For those who would like more technical training with HOA’s, there is a great G+ Community that is well-suited for exactly that.   Consider

#lightscamerahoa   #placetopractice     #crowdcast  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Lights, Camera, HOA. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#LightsCameraHOA! A Pair of Wings Will Take You to the Cloud
Mon, July 13, 4:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Johan Claeys

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Happy Friday with this takeway sheet with  20 Quick Tips for better Time Management

#happyfriday   #time   #management  
Have plans this weekend? Here are 20 tips to manage your time better! #HappyFriday
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Am I glad I don't have to worry about this anymore. Happy retirement time! 
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Johan Claeys

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h/t +Shawn Beard 

Looking for professional looking Google Docs? 5 great tips

#docs   #google   #tips  
Great tips for Professional Looking Google Docs!   #edsandite  
The Gooru recently posted "4 Tips for Making Professional Looking Google Documents." Here are a few more tips for using Google Docs for professional looking documents. 1) Use Invisible Tables Using...
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Johan Claeys

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As a Dutch speaking love to read that my language is now also supported by Google's visual translation :-) 

19 additional languages where you can now translate to and from English and Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

#visual   #translation  
Google bought Word Lens last year and brought a very useful feature to Google Translate: real-time visual translation. Use a phone or a tablet running Android or iOS, point the camera at a sign or text in a foreign language a...
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+Johan Claeys same in arabic !
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Johan Claeys

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QR Code Tattoo – will always keep changing

If you don't know what todo this weekend... You could consider a QR code Tattoo. The ultimate solution for tattoo lovers who will no longer get bored from their chosen body art.

Scanning the tattoo links it to any video or website. Type of tattoo that you can keep updating as you like.  

#qr   #happyfriday  
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But as far as I know QR code on its own always gets translated to the same thing. But if it points to a URL and what the URL shows is changed then what you say there is workable. You update what the URL displays to update the information.
But the URL itself can not change - the QR code simply points to that specific URL.
I hope I am clear +Johan Claeys!
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Johan Claeys

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Some of us were waiting for this functionality for some time 

Great announcement ! As from now on you can disable the ability to download, print, or copy a file through the advanced sharing menu. Even developers can also implement the functionality in their apps with an API.

Once you disable those features, documents, spreadsheets and presentations will notify you that export options have been disabled in the File menu.

Note : that this does not work for acrobat pdf's

#googledrive   #printing #coprying
Google wants to help keep your files a little more secure thanks to new Information Rights Management tools in Drive. Simply put, you can now disable the ability to download, print, ...
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Klopt +Geert Deweerdt toegegeven dat het handig kan zijn om security dusdanig te organiseren. 
 ·  Translate
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Johan Claeys

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How attached are you to your phone?

Is it worth screaming for it out loud in the subway?Because your mobile lost power and you're disconnected from Social  ?

#meltdown   #disconnect   
This woman's epic meltdown shows how attached we are to our phones
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+Johan Claeys "nearly" is like.... "well, since people are watching, I better keep my cool!"
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I want to help people 'Care and Remember'

Super to meet you here on Google+ … Thank you for that !

Professional experience

Johan worked 4 years (till 2014) for a Google Partner evangelising the new ways of working through Google’s cloud based collaboration and productivity boosting technology. Organised and led multiple training sessions, seminars and workshops. Founded Apairofwings in 2014 with the purpose to combine these experiences with self-powered digital marketing solutions.  Today solely focused on helping setup homebase WebSite(s), digital channels and livestream portals.

How am I ? What do I love?

Open minded, loyal, enthusiastic and an active self-learner. Always in for trying out new things. During free time, you will find him cooking for friends, going to concerts or cycle racing. Not to mention the quality time with his grownup kids and family.

What is my passion?

Loving to discover the wonder-world of newest digital marketing solutions. You can look at me more as a facilitator with a great understanding on how to strategise your digital marketing efforts with combined Google (Sites) solutions. The kind of person who has been working in the trenches and is practising what he preaches.

Circle me

If you like my profile please circle me for all things related to digital solutions - google - cooking - biking so we can stay in touch.

Johan's dreams ?

How would a world look like if you could go anywhere you please while having your complete business on hand through any internet connected device. A better place ? Are you dreaming of working the way you live? I am…. ! 

Checkout and get yourself seated to find out more.

P.M. me

You can send me a private message to contact me.  How? By making a share in your stream and putting Johan Claeys as solely person to notify. 

Bragging rights
Two marvellous kids !
Biking - Running - Cooking - Social Media - Social Enterprise - Social Networks - Google - Digital Marketing
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