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Anyone in need of an #Ubuntu  blogger? I'm free for 3 days xD
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If you feel like practicing your Swedish, I'll be happy to accept a guest article for ;)
Whoa, how come? I thought the Ubuntu news mill never stopped grinding.
+Satchit Bhogle +OMG! Ubuntu! is out of action (for new posts) for a little while. Needs a lot of care and attention to get it working again. Has been (oddly enough) messing up for new posts published since about December 21st.... 
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon you can write for :P (that would freak people out).

Lol about the Nicotallium mines, I'm adding the info on them to ŧhe +Mission : Illumination wiki now (I just realized I hadn't before). Essentially, it's a quasimetal that is found in nature with a related quasimetal, and to extract it, it needs to be put into a massive oven until the two separate :)
Could be that the aliens attempted to break through into our world using omgubuntu as portal after some Dr. Who reference or something o_o...

(There's been a buzz around the galaxy that the next apocalypse will not fail D:!)
Let's do something 
y blog is in portuguese, but whatever good stuff you write for me I'll translate with honor.
Search for Ubuntu SU, it's pretty outdated indeed, but I'll have more time from now on and may update it more.
That would be the equivelient of The Doctor having an episode in Star Trek.
+Alfredo Hernández Hmmm... It's long and a bit murky. 

We used to be joshy-rivals ("Ahh, can't believe you posted that first! I'm mid-way through writing my post on it!") but then he started publicly accusing us of copy-and-pasting things from his site.

It was pretty damn disheartening to be accused of that when it so clearly wasn't the case. So much so that we got our then-contractor (who was being paid by us!) to stop work on OMG-related stuff and make a script that parsed 20 posts of his site and 20 posts on OMG to check! It delivered a % score of how similar they read (but ignoring words like 'ubuntu', 'the', 'a', 'and', etc,) and checking for their occurrence in order. The result was something insanely low.

But yeah. As a result I haven't read his site for years, and I doubt he goes near mine. But I hope he's doing well cos he was pretty damn good at it last time I checked in, and Ubuntu and its users benefit from sites like ours existing. 
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon well, competition is always good until you start fighting. If you can't stand each other you should probably do something about it. How about some cooperation between you and +Alin Andrei ?
I love reading +OMG! Ubuntu! the same way I love reading +WebUpd8 - you guys do pretty damn good job :)
+Martin Kozub I kind of hope that at some point in the future we'll both be at UDS or some-such and can sit down over a beer (or other beverage) and talk the issue(s) out. =\
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