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Trying to come up with a decent looking banner for the OMG! YouTube channel in preparation for when the new look YouTube channel design rolls out.

So far I have this

I did want to avoid repeating "OMG! Ubuntu!" too much. Also, the slogan is 'filler text'. The site slogan 'everything ubuntu, daily' doesn't work on YouTube since videos aren't daily.

I do like the sub-banner, and I've pulled in an icon we use on the site to break up the two parts. ('recap show' is, again, filler text. It has a different name). 
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I don't see any changes to the channel look...

The overlapping of the OMG! logo and the top orange.. thingy looks kinda weird.
Ah. That explains it. :) 

The logo 'covers' a part of the orange whateverthatis and the orange thingy covers the logo on the banner.. That looks kinda weird to me.
I don't want to be negative but in the last time there was a little to much shaping the look and not so much new content and news. As a big fan of your page I would love to see the makeover finished..
Put a Ubuntu logo inside the OMG!Ubuntu! logo and you're done...
And THAT stupid question is the exact dilemma Joey is trying to fix...
My OCD doesn't like the 2 oranges
"When you want it" sounds like an on-demand sex service.
Maybe you could try a different background color for the small logo on the left, say Ubuntu's warm grey or something lighter and get rid of the big logo in the banner.
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