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Finally getting around to switching the ChromeOS Dev Channel and slapping Ubuntu 12.04 on my Chromebook :)
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Does 12.04 work good on a chromebook?
Er... I thought a Chromebook had some kind of protection to stop you from installing a different operating system?
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon Oh, like the `dev` features in Android? At least that can be called a good thing. But once you replace Chrome OS by another operating system, is there still a way to get back to Chrome OS or even change those `dev` settings?
Don't really know why you'd want a Chromebook though. It's normal (perhaps even lower-end) hardware, with a Linux kernel and a web browser on it.
OMG! I'm doing the same exact thing like right now!!!! 32 of 52 files downloaded!
+Robin Jacobs I didn't buy it, so i'm not going to complain :) but it'll be more useful to me with ChromeOS Dev and Ubuntu on it than just stable ChromeOS.
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