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If someone with, like, a clue could teach me how to do an easily-restorable back-up of Android on my Nexus devices so I don't have to reinstall and reconfigure everything after checking in on Ubuntu Touch, I'd be stoked. 
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+Kostas Vrouvas Could do, I guess. That involves installing clockworkmod. I was hoping for a simpler... "create back up, reinstall it using fastboot" or something. 
Isn't there a way to backup the whole device to a PC?

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There's Carbon Backup and ADB backup as well. Not sure of they fit the bill. I used to use Titanium backup to restore all my apps but I didn't do much tweaking above changing ring-tone for anything else 
+Chuck Jager Carbon is very good, but only backups apps and their data. I think Joey meant... everything, right?
You don't necessarily have to install ClockworkMOD for a nandroid backup, you just need to boot it once with fastboot to back up, and boot it again to restore the backup. Works really well, I also used it to restore my phone ofter playing around with Ubuntu Touch
Well then you have to perform 2 steps, backup to the fake /SDCARD/ and use adb pull to copy it local.
Just remember that a lot of stuff is sync'd to google's data servers automagically so the only thing you need to worry about is what you've saved to /SDCARD/ in most cases. All depends on how you use your device.
I found google did the bulk of it for me. All the apps I bought were installed :-)
David, that's right. But all the progress in games and stuff like that is not saved/restored
I can't believe that Android is nearly 5 years old and it /still/ doesn't have an iCloud backup equivalent.

I should have added that while adb backup /should/ backup everything without root, you won't be able to restore it without root! So you may as root and use a proper tool like Titanium Backup, or a nandroid backup.

Google/Android is shockingly behind the curve on this stuff.

There's also no convenient/reliable way to sync game progress between two devices. Which is infuriating when you buy an Android phone AND tablet.
+Neil Broadley sure it does. Google backs up everything to it's data servers w/o the limitations that icloud puts on apple devices.
+John Pugh - nope, it will only back up the application, but will ignore that application's data in most (not all) cases.

So if you 3-star every level in Angry Birds, then buy a new Android phone/tablet, Google will happily download your Angry Birds apps, but you'll be starting from scratch again.

I've poured hours into various games on various buses/trains/planes, but unless you have a rooted device with Titanium, there's little incentive to do so generally.
+Neil Broadley read my post again. It backs up everything that apple backs up to icloud, actually more. Apple devices do not back up data unless the app specifically supports it which is the same for data sync in android. There is no difference in that support. If I buy a new apple device, I can only sync the data for the apps that I install afterwards, whereas in Android I can sync all of my apps and if they support sync, I can sync their data too.
Well +John Pugh, I'm not sure why you're asking me to read your post again. I don't see anything new in there from the first time I read it.

However the rest of that comment there implies that the iCloud implementation is the same as Google's. That's interesting and I didn't know that. But then my own (limited) experience of iCloud, through my work colleagues who use it is that they have yet to come across an app that doesn't back up its data in iCloud.

Conversely, I've yet to find an app in Google's backup which /does/ backup its data there.
I've been using Carbon backup. I'm not a pro user and not keen on flashing custom ROMs, but I like the idea of backups. So I don't know if it would be fit for you, but for me it does the trick :)
2 options:

Titanium backup

Nandroid backup
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