Oh yep, I'll wade into  #ladygaga 's 'furgate' with one word.


In a letter to her fans she has said that where they might see an animal carcass draped around her wirey torso, she sees a "museum pièce de résistance".

No, really. She said that. 

I came to terms with some celebrities - like Pete Burns - buying and wearing what I term "vintage fur" (that is garments made before the 80s when the barbarity of fur farming was understood) but actively supporting and promoting the production of fur in a modern society is just crass.

For her critics this won't come as a surprise. They often claimed that she was a vacant show-woman who simply dressed herself in whatever trends she needed to get attention. 

She was all "ethics, respect and morality" during the Born This Way era (in which she said fur was evil, etc) but as embarks on her new "ARTPOP" album, which sees her ditch the moral high ground and return to music about drinking and having sex, it's back to the "glam sham". 
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