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The wholoe "LIGHTREAD DOESNT EVEN USE LINUX DEVELEMPENT STUFF!!111" argument reminds me of:

"I'm not using that app - it's written in Qt"
"I'm not using that app - it uses mono"

Who cares what it uses as long as it gets the job done, and done well. 
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I care if it makes things look ugly and not behave the way I expect them to. I'm not saying that is the case with Lightread, though, because I haven't used it yet.
Agreed. For a reason, Lightread won the App Showdown contest. And it works really well.
Lightread is pretty good. It freaked out a few hours ago (seems liek it didn't get the correct output from Google Reader or the website teh article was on, which borked the interface), but appart from that it gets the job done nicely :)
A great improvement would be to have a daemon running in background which checks for new items, and gives you notifications and leaves entries in the messaging menu, so I don't need to have it open all the time.
+Jamie White I think one application can only have 20 entries, and otherwise it would have to be limited by the developer.
Joey, I think the community and the developers (like me, I also posted at the corresponding post at OMG!Ubuntu) are angry with the fact that the review criteria were not taken into consideration. I said the same thing at the corresponding post on your site and I got 18 likes, no dislike....
+Alessandro Roncone All entries had to be judged on the criteria over a scale of 1 - 10. You couldn't submit the voting form unless you had.

What's more likely: that the winners were chosen on a whim, or that one of the winning apps may have been lower down in one section but far ahead in another, thus bumping its final score and leading it to win? 
It can't be done well if it uses Mono.
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon You are right. I just cannot believe how can an application like Picsaw to be innovative, to scratch an itch and to integrate with the platform....
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