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+Tommy Brunn  I went up the post-office after lunch to enquire about the missing kindle.

The good news: It's been located.
Bad news: it's coming back to the post office because it was franked incorrectly.

They said to pop back in a day or so and they'll sort it out gratis and refund the postage :)
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Thanks for looking into it! Mimmi was getting a little nervous that some thieving mailman had stolen it, so I'm sure she'll be relieved to hear that it's been located.
I saw you added me on here earlier so I was like 'Oh shiz, I better start a manhunt for it lest I lose a roundish extremity'.

Sorry it's taking/taken so long though.  
Oh damn. I left this public. I'm always doing this... 
Was about to say this is public.

Also... post office?
So how's Mimmi and the kids?
+Farran Lee Yes, you can send things outside of our fair isle using them. Didn't you know? :P

Or were you saying 'post office' as in 'that explains it'.
What the fuck? Why are there 12 comments on this post...?
+Tommy Brunn i left it public. I do it all the time . I'll probably delete this post now you know...
I just find it kind of hilarious that 10 people found it worthwhile to comment on.
+Tommy Brunn we wouldn't have this problem if the post office wasn't so worthy of being complained about >.<
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