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Anyone using this? We're thinking of adding support for it to the +OMG! Ubuntu! app, so you can see an unread count for new posts.
DashClock is a replacement lock screen clock widget for Android 4.2+. It al...
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Yes, I use the Dash Clock widget and I love it.
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon do it, since it s nice to look whether there is update arriving or not .. Im the one who always open the site or app to look for the new articles.
I don't think it makes sense. Yeah everyone loves OMGUbuntu but I don't sit on the edge of my seat checking the site even when were all waiting for the latest Ubuntu Image to release response. I think you guys should push for more RSS style notification apps to support it rather than adding it. Just my opinion. Love OMGUbuntu btw!
It's honestly the first lockscreen widget that I actually use.
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