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That awkward moment when a celeb DMs you on Twitter asking if you'd be willing to write about them... #NotUnlessYouUseUbuntuOrFancyDaleksOrEatTofu
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If I eat some tofu, will you write about me?
Sure. If you get famous first.
I do quite fancy a Dalek, truth be known...
Ian Hex
I demand Joey starts a blog called OMG!Beards!
+Ian Hex: Don't you think the market for that is a bit saturated? After all, all the neckbeards already read OMG! Ubuntu!
+Ian Hex I have so many sites atm my next one needs to be an OMG! OMG! Sites! so I can keep track xP
I'm a tofu-eating, ubuntu-using, dalek-appreciating person. I'd only be famous because you wrote about me though #ratherboringme
You're not going to tell us who this celeb was are you?
I only found out about Daleks recently but I use Ubuntu, and I AM famous. Everyone knows me..... [in my house v_v]
+Luc Deon "celeb" might be too kind a word - it's just a serial reality TV star here in the UK.
C'mon +Joey-Elijah Sneddon do tell :). So does it mean that because you recently wrote about me (kind off) then I am famous? I'd better get an agent :D
If you don't want to write about someone famous you can write about me, I'm not famous. I like some of the same things as you so that must mean we are internet friends, right?

Also I used your #1 favorite word of winter 2011/2012 in my thesis today: "Mooted"
joey my friend ur soo cool
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