I think this post highlights the intimate, personal experience that Google+ offers over Facebook.

Facebook has become (for those I know) a clinical experience. It's less about actual interaction and more about perceived interaction (likes, pokes, friend requests, game invites, etc).

That's not to play-down the social (or even societal) relevance of those. Clearly they are important given that it's the most used social networking site in the world and has advertisers and brands tripping over themselves to accumulate 'likes' as an indication of worth, etc). 

But Google+ is to Facebook what a pub gig is to a stadium concert: intimate, rewarding, and warmer.
Why Google+ Matters

I started using +Google+ a month or so after it launched. I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't. It was the usual things at first that stopped me from being active, such as no one interacting with me (as I was treating this like a typical social network) and non of my friends or family were using the service at the time. I did check on it from time-to-time as +Google had made improvements to the service, but I was still heavily into Facebook that other 'social networking' site.

Then things changed, I ended up getting so sick of these little family issues which that other site acted as a loudspeaker and made things far worse.

I deleted my account (not disabled, but deleted) and forced myself to use Google+, and boy did that pay off. I forced myself to interact with people I didn't know but shared my interests (saved searches are great). I used +Hangout Canopy to share stories with people across the world in a click of a button. It felt so good to post something I'm passionate about and getting +1s, comments and shares back. I then realised why Google+ is different.

Since then, I've met +Pablo Luis Gonzalez, a street photographer who inspired me (and lives nearby to me!) to discover a new passion, +#photography. I now regularly take and process photos using my Galaxy +Nexus. I am hoping to save up for a digital SLR camera some day soon) and share them with curators such as +Arnold Goodway, as well as pages like +PixelWorld and +Leading Lines Monday who have helped me gain a few followers.

In the past few months, getting increasingly obsessed over the platform that is changing my life (seriously, I mean it), I started the +#googleplusupdate page to report on minor and major changes to Google+ that others may have missed. I am happy to say that this page has been quite successful and is gaining new followers every day. I'd like to thank +Chand Hamal Thakuri and +Clayton Pritchard for helping me along the way with this.

I have been following +OMG! Ubuntu! for several years now, and I have been talking on/off with the creator/owner +Joey-Elijah Sneddon for around that length of time as well. I was shocked to log-on recently to see that he had  offered me to write for +OMG! Chrome! after seeing some of the written work I had created for my #googleplusupdate  page. As of speaking, I have already wrote and had published 2 articles to the website and I am learning more and more every single day.

Community - We Are All in This Together

I guess really all I wanted to say that without #googleplus  and its community, I would still be doing the same old rubbish and not progressing anywhere. Now I feel that when I come home from my dead-end job I can start my real work, and that really excites me. I feel like I have more purpose in my life now, and that people I don't even know in real life care about what I have to say.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. Also a special thank you to those who I have tagged in this post for having a key role in my experience and for helping me and being awesome along the way.

Google+ is more than just a website, it is something special and is changing my life every day.

Thank you for taking your time to read this


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