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Having one of those really "I suck" days today.

But that's the price one pays for having synapses wired in a creative rather than rational fashion.

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You don't suck as much as you think you do.

Trying to convince myself of the same thing. :)
We all suck. The trick is to be awesome while you do it. 
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Also, that sucks. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow :) ((hug))
Joey, of all the people I know, you're one of the less sucky ones.
Joey, I agree with you. You really really suck. Does that help at all? ;-)
Let's delve in our collective suckyness. 
Dude, you can't write that!  Now "I suck" is going to win the next App Developer contest!  You're influencing the judges!
I wish my synapses were wired in any fashion other than "lazy".
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