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Chrome OS. You sexy kitten.
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+Georgi Karavasilev yeah, i try to keep on top of it these days... /me thanks google for labels and 'mark all read' button
It feels very unpolished to me. It looks slick, but some aspects of it are kinda impractical right now IMHO. Hopefully it's polished up and a few more features added in soon.

I was surprised to see it pop up in the beta channel so soon after being in the dev. channel. I assumed it was going to sit in the dev. channel for a long time until they'd ironed out all the crinkles and sorted out the UI.
Why do you have so many drafts? Do you ever finish? 
As far as a clean and simple, modern GUI goes, that is very good. Similar theory to Windows' Aero theme (don't flame me for saying that (you know what I meant)), but done better.
Ian Hex
Did someone mention fonts?

I believe it's an alternative style case of Open Sans.
Why would a browser-based OS run unmaximised?
+Satchit Bhogle They're transitioning to a more traditional desktop metaphor. Presumably in the hope they might actually shift some chromebooks/boxes using it ;)

Tbf, it makes multi-tasking much easier. For example, I run GMail as its own window and, with Aura, it's much easier to switch to it than in ChromeOS Stable. Likewise, it's easier to launch webapps as I don't need to open a new tab i can either pin my faves to the bottom 'shelf' or launch them from the osx-launchpad-style overlay
+Satchit Bhogle Having your browser maximised at all times can be quite infuriating, particularly if you want to view windows side by side. In particular it was driving me batty not being able to watch a video at the same time as checking my email. Allowing them to sit side by side has made my Chromebook a heck of a lot more useful.
+Satchit Bhogle Chrome OS had the ability to switch between windows and there was a weird situation where you could kinda see both windows at once, but not really since you couldn't control their positions With windowing you can essentially do what you want with them obviously, which makes like a whole lot easier for many different things. For example I needed to use a calculator whilst browsing a website earlier this evening. With the old Chrome OS I had to have it awkwardly hovering over the top of the window, whereas now I could have the window open, but leave sufficient room for my calculator on the right.
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