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Man, Reddit users really hate my site. Which probably means I'm doing something right...

I often wonder if they actually read the content of the link they're bashing or just see its from '' and decide it's likely worth taking the piss out of.
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If they hated you before they won't like you any more now :-P
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon The people on Reddit are even worse(no offence as I am not saying they are worse people) when it comes to comments. Never enjoyed Reddit.
r/Ubuntu seem to be cool with it. I'm sure alot of people on r/linux may, as +Nicholos Tyler says, just hate on Ubuntu because they are power users who think it's too easy. Personally I would consider myself a power user but I love Ubuntu and use it everyday, nothing matches its user-friendliness. However I also use arch on my 5-year-old desktop for the control it gives me over package selection and such. I don't see what's wrong with having a foot in both camps.
You have 3 links on the frontpage of /r/ubuntu, that's not too bad :)
Real men write their own boot loaders and then build linux from scratch, without gnu. Those sissies on reddit aren't even close to that!
Reddit downvotes everything I say. I said I loved my Android phone on r/android and got downvoted into oblivion. I no longer post things on reddit...
+Juha Siltala Yeah. When I mentally put things into perspective it actually barely registers (i.e. how many trolls hate on OMG on reddit vs the number of visitors or commenters OMG gets)
Hey I love you site and I use Reddit
I think people on /r/linux generally dislike the Ubuntu posts because there's a /r/Ubuntu subreddit. You're going to get elitists on every corner of the web.
Actually a lot of them don't seem to mind ubuntu, but don't like omg because you guys add creative flare to your articles. A lot of redditors just want solid facts
on /r/ununtu i actually see a lot of news posts from your site
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