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I spent my sunday watching hours of back-to-back +Jono Bacon Q&A's.

What did you do? 
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I watched a guy set a new world record for fastest completion of Skyward Sword. Then I watched a bunch of Dota 2 matches, and played some Awesomenauts and Binding of Isaac.
Added notifications to a Firefox add-on, debugged an Android app, and tried to make sense of Wayland. A typical lazy Sunday.
Slept until 2pm, had a micro-rant, and caught up with a friend I haven't properly talked to in weeks. :) 
Homework/coursework, woo. It was stuff I'm actually interested in (apart from physics), so it's fine.
+1 to Six Nations Rugby - a great way to waste a weekend, especially this weekend; great games.
I think you were looking for something about the new display server !
Indeed they were +Ed Hewitt . I always want Italy to win (except against England :)) but I've often been disappointed. The Six Nations now looks really tight - I'm looking forward to the rest of the games.
Tried in vain to get Skype and Guitar Pro to work on Ubuntu 12.10, gave up and reinstalled 12.04 - still trying to get everything to how I like it...
Returned from church, finishing hw so I could learn to write automated testcases. 
Will i be able to install ubuntu in my android phone?
+Peter Maina if you own a gnexus, within a month yes! We have to give other phones some time though. 
Thank you,i have samsung galaxy s5360.My ubuntu 12.10 has refused to integrate Omg ubuntu but works with others like facebook twitter...
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