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Ah, I kid. Congratulations, it looks sweeeeet! Love the holo-ness.
Replacement icon/logo for the website possibly?  Looks good.
I like that the icon is the Ubuntu curve (well, I think it is. Feel free to laugh if it isn't...and then make it be). Nice work. :)
Pretty good! ★★★★☆

Uses a simple holo theme which looks nice and makes most things really smooth.

• Auto-load more articles when I hit the bottom instead of making me tell you to.
• Auto-load the comments at the bottom of the articles or at least make it more obviously a button (all caps, holo style might look nice).
• Add a more obvious loading animation when pulling things from the web.
+Cassidy James yeah, I'm not happy with the comment styling, so that will change. The reason for hiding the comments is simply one of loading time and data. Disqus is heavy, and on mobile we decided to prioritise content rather than engagement.
+Stuart Langridge It most certainly is (well, as close as we can get what with there not being any source to poke around in yet!). Valiant aping by +Tommy Brunn if I do say so myself.

Decision behind using it is to have a consistent icon across android, ubuntu phone and our unity web app.
+Cassidy James but that still adds bandwidth bloat to people who mightn't otherwise want it. Less than 2% of people comment. 
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon I love the design, it looks very professional.

Still I have a few suggestions... Can you tell the developer if he could implement a bezel gesture to open the side drawer? Also on tablets the content of the article needs more whitespace at the sides, so add more padding or else each line is too long to read comfortably.

But yeah great job, I'm looking forward to using it!
This is awesome. Keep up the great work guys!
Fan Yi
*It works! I love it~*
Haha, I read "OMG! Ubuntu for Android!" and thought, that you now have a separate channel for "Ubuntu for Android".
Great app, adding the ability to swipe to open the left-side menu would be nice though. I can't really reach the "up button" on my GS3 when I'm using it one-handed.
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon the gesture feature +Flavio Zanda is suggesting is very nice. Falcon Pro, The Verge and many others use it. I think that library is called sliding menu or something. It's very pleasant to use, very smooth. 
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