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"I was up against the most profitable company in the USA" He's not well informed.
+Robert Graham it is probably a result of the Power PC era, where the name and speed of the chip was irrelevant as there was no reference between them and the Intel and AMD world. Having said that, the Windows world also has many users who are not tech savvy at all.
+Robert Graham i hope so to. Anyways, for manufacturers like Dell and HP, the Intel chips seem to be the main selling point.
if you are an i-stockholder then it's time to think of your options.
When I recently got my broken (out of warranty) iPad replaced I had to argue pretty hard. They wouldn't accept my argument that it broke the day I upgraded to iOS 5.1. I ended up speaking to 2 separate support guys and 4 people in the Apple Store at the Genius Bar. Eventually they escalated me to Customer Relations. They asked some usual non-technical questions and for some more detail about what other Apple products I own (3xiPhone, MacBook Pro, iMac, 2xiPod, magic trackpad) including all the serial numbers.

They agreed to a like-for-like replacement. I'm happy. Whilst I had to push them a bit, they did the right thing.
Our experience with apple customer service has been pretty good so far. They even repaired our computer for free even if it had ran out of warranty. They were very accommodating. I guess it depends upon who you are talking to.
Glad to have the Consumer Protection Act in SA :D Apple would have a hard time screwing customers over here.
sheeple is the biggest market out there so thats what Apple accommodates for mostly. What surprises me most is the "tech savvy" that fall into the same hole
+Ted Reznor The reason why you see so many people in the tech (especially web development) communities using Apple is because it's simply a better environment for development. Unlike windows, OSX is a fully compliant POSIX OS. What that gives us is a wealth of tools and libraries that can only be found on 'Nix boxes. The second reason is because at a desktop level, it's still far more stable. My windows machine with Windows 7 is a mess. It takes 10 minutes to load, and it's as reliable as a truck submerged in mud. My Linux machine is better, but fixing minor problems often includes following the step to a 3 page article and doing some command line work. Great for a hobby, but not as a machine for my parents. The final reason is build quality. Comparing a Lenovo and MacBook Pro purchased at the exact same time, the MacBook had more use but is still quite usable. Whereas the Lenovo running Windows is a flaky mess.

And I can't speak to support from everyone, but I've spilled a can of coke on a MacBook and taken it in explaining what I did, and they replaced it. So I haven't had a bad experience.
Seems everyone has their own perspective - for me, OSX wins me over on the graphics alone, but to be honest I prefer Mac and Ubuntu because of the UNIX/ Linux aspect.
From my experiences with Apple's customer service, this doesn't surprise me in the least. I found them arrogant, cocky, and extremely bull headed even when i was clearly in the right. I did get my way, but it was a huge fight over something extremely simple (ipod wouldn't play through dock connector on one side even though it was very new and had never been used with a non-apple connector). Just getting an appointment with the extremely un-knowledgeable genius bar employee was more of a pain than it needed to be. That was my last apple purchase.
Trying to compare customer service from companies this large is never going to work. It's like comparing the guy alongside you in traffic, what's the point? Unfortunately Apple has to employee people, and people are unique and dumb in a million different ways. Get over thinking you have a right to bitch about your experience because you're dealing with Apple; basically, stop being a sheep.
I'm a Linux man all the way. I hate the Apple mentality to computing and Windows requires too much outside support to make it a cost-effective resource.
Sadly, the truth is that once a company becomes big and gets involved with marketing people and non techies, it looses the magic and starts acting like the big corporate giant it is. Both Apple and Microsoft put profit margins above customer care and the quality of products.
Hmm, lawyers at small claims court? Never in my experience.
Lawyers go into small claims court. Not frequently, but it happens .(As an adjuster, I know. I've paid for them to go.)
" “I don’t care about gigahertz and whatchamajiggers, I just know that Macs use pixie dust and purple elephant dung to make magic!” mentality is a part of the Apple culture from the top down "....... SPOT ON !!!
Boy, got some real Apple haters on here. Calling someone an idiot because they make different choices than you is, umm, idiotic. You know what they say about Apple-phobes; secretly they really want one.
I won't defend Apple (I'm more likely to down them), but I think this is more of a cross-corporate mentality than it is an Apple-specific mentality. Buying prepackaged hardware combos (desktops, workstations, etc) usually has it's pitfalls. I've run into so many issues from all of the companies I've purchased from. This includes Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, etc. If the customer service policy isn't the problem, the quality/cost ratio is the problem, etc, etc. +openSUSE anyone?
The point of the post is that Apples management and lawyers decided they should go to the mat on this, when they knew they were in the wrong. It seems more about a big company deciding that they could steamroll and overwhelm a dissatisfied customer. That's the discussion we should be having. This is not an apple vs windows article. Take this in the spirit in which it was intended: Is there a version of Godwin's Law for windows versus apple? I'm looking at you +Ryan Thompson, +Todd Oberlander, +Taylor Sprinkle, and others.
+Chris Vesper Agreed, but is that really a realistic expectation? This is the internet after all!
Like I mentioned before, I don't think this is an Apple-specific practice, but what people are apt to latch onto here is the fact that beloved/hated Apple is in some way involved.
Excellent point +Chris Vesper . Also, is this an issue where at some point someone inside Apple had to continue the stonewall because they were trying to hold down news and keep from having to replace other machines?

I take great notice of the fact that the judge would qualify the plaintiff as an expert in his own right, by the way. With someone so knowledgeable making a case, why did it get so far?
Admittedly yes, it is about Apple's policies. What it really is about is Apple trying to maintain their reputation. When someone comes along who could tarnish it, they try and quell it as quickly as possible. Had they done it the correct way, no one would have ever known and while they had to admit fault at a local level, it would would not have an effect on Apple as a whole. The fact that it got to court is now a public record of their fault.
I'm not really certain that a social network hosted by Google is the best place to have a discussion about whether Apple products are the best or worse.

To be honest, I dislike Apple's "closed doors" development, closed ecosystem, and general lack of transparency, but I'm willing to give Tim Cook his fair chance now that Steve is dead. Tim gained a lot of points, in my book, when he started donation matching for employees back up (which Steve stopped over a decade before and never restarted), so I'm eager to see what he'll do differently.

The fact is, computer experts, software engineers, and general nerds from all walks of life use all three systems for different reasons, and are perfectly happy with what they use. Trying to brush one OS or entire company off as garbage is childish and refuses to respect that some people aren't looking for what you're looking for in an OS. And none of the three would be around anymore if they were legitimately "garbage."
They spent all the $$ to send people to fight you in court because they have nothing but $$ and people to send to Seattle to fight stupid cases. There is no end to the amount of $$ corporations will spend on absolute NONSENSE and there is no reason other than some idiot told some other idiot to do something.
I think Angus' comment (2 back) hits the nail on the head. Corporations this size are split into little fiefdoms, all of which answer to the CFO and are really reflections of whomever is running each particular area, at least until an incident hits the media. You can't really judge the ethos of the entire company or it's founders based on the attitudes of one sector. Rogers is an excellent example, their customer service is obviously run by a hostile terrorist organisation but the retail level is excellent (in my experience).
+Matt Ross I have purchased dell laptops and when the components go bad, they are fixed. Period.

Dell has never tried to scam their way out of a product under warranty. Have had laptops for 9 years.
+Jeff Ferrell I wasn't trying to say that any of those companies was better or worse than one another in any specific terms; I have Dell products and Apple products, all that I absolutely love. I was only pointing out that once you start dealing with a particular company, you may find yourself in a particular situation with them which may be undesired. When a company supports you as a consumer, that's great, but you can't always expect that in the corporate ecosystem we have here in the US and I can only presume exists elsewhere in the world. In the end they are just corporations; they exist for profit, not to be your friend.
+Todd Oberlander after I got my iPhone, I got a Macbook (2 mistakes). Now that my iphone is supported in #ubuntu #linux, I will wipe out OSX and install linux on the machine.
The battery on my little Asus EEE pc (#ubuntu machine) lasts 6 hours, whereas that on the Macbook (barely) lasts 2 hours.
When I had a Sony Ericsson phone, I could easily sync my address book and calendars using bluetooth with either machine; with the iPhone. I have been obliged to always use the USB cable for such a simple task.
My experience in general with big companies is similar to this for the mostpart with some gems.

I've had my iPhone replaced by Apple after spending just 5 minutes on the phone to them.
I've had Dell tell me to uninstall and reinstall windows from disc when my DVD drive had failed... After shouting they then sent out an engineer to fix it the next day.
Amazon always give me good service
"I just know that Macs use pixie dust and purple elephant dung to make magic!” PRICELESS!!!
Couldn't open that link, says I don't have permission thingimajig. Mehh...
Hahhahaha, I love this article, GO REX! I am a shareholder of Apple and I am making some good money on the backs of the consumers who buy their products. I will never own an Apple product, iMac, iPhone, iPad....iAnything...
Less than 18 months after I got my iMac desktop, the hard drive completely crashed and we discovered that the logic board was faulty too (the Firewire port doesn't work). Then my iPhone 4 (also ~18 months old) wouldn't work properly due to a faulty headphone jack (a common problem). Since both were no longer under warranty, I would have to pay to have them fixed/replaced... in both cases, it would cost me more to fix then to replace. So, in an instant, I became an ex-Apple fanboy. My new phone is a Samsung, my new laptop is a Sony, and my new desktop will probably be a CyberPower PC.
The reason they fought so hard to win the small claims case is because seattle rex can now share his information with others who can then also file a claim. The result is thousands of individual cases that are immune to appeal and provide more money to the end user than a class action would. To sum it up they have a lot more money to lose going the small claims route rather than a full blown class action.
good to hear that someone didn't take no for an answer, didn't back down, and stayed very professional about it all
Although I was unable to read the whole story (link somehow went to 404/Permission error), I think these sort of things happens to people because of karma. And... let the discussion ensues!!!
WOW...!!! I mean WOW! I didn't think Apple was that full of themselves, but apparently.... hrmmmm. Disappointing Apple, very disappointing. I bought my one and only Apple product at this point. They're not responsive to what matters and they are responsive to what doesn't. Not a company I want to invest my money in as they piss it away towards what's completely wrong about humanity. You brought this bad PR on yourself Apple, and you're only to blame. {shakes head in pure disappointment}
Comparing operating systems is ridiculous. Seriously it doesn't matter the OS you have as long as you are able to do what you like to do with the machine. I am a Windows user not because Mac is bad, but because is supplies the proper support for all the gaming I do. If I did not game I would definitely use a Mac because it better supports reckless web browsing and video editing. I would only use Linux if I was running a business that required use of my own independent programs. As far as customer service is concerned, well it's just that. In America customer service is hit or miss and ALL companies make a bad decision from time to time.
While I agree with you Alex Lehman, I feel Apple missed the target on an epic proportion when referencing customer service. They went 180 degrees in the wrong direction multiplied by infinity.
the inspiration for next generation technology...job the great typhoon
first time reading his blog, but i'm glad seattle rex won. this article needs to be everywhere!

i wholeheartedly agree with the following on the post:
I’m not trying to insult iPeople, at least not in this article, but during both mediation and the trial, I realized that Apple has a strong expectation that their users not be tech-savvy and, as such, Apple seems used to infantilizing and bamboozling their customers with silly and nonsensical explanations of highly technical matters

If Apple could have replaced my logic board at no cost to themselves, then why in the hell did they drag this out for so long, and why did they send two people to court to try and make sure that I got absolutely nothing?

As far as I can tell, Apple spent all of this time and money, solely to be a bully
Apple is the devil u see this what they do to ppl that spend thousands of dollars for there trash they feed every one that's revolutionary apple is goin to be taken down by google!!
+Taylor Sprinkle I also go to NC State, but will only use a Mac if it is a school computer because the school PCs take too long to load. I'm partial to Windows because that is what I grew up with and I find as an engineering student it is easier to own a windows pc.
how I could have the logo?
you are fallout (spread the news)
It appears that the lawyers were present in order to defend against the possibility of a class-action lawsuit on the basis of defect -- which is what appears may happen. In that case, it does make financial sense for Apple to send two lawyers to small-claims court, because there's now a legal record of the evidence that can be used.
(Linux 3.0.0 Ubuntu SMP x86_64)
"'You know what they say about Apple-phobes; secretly they really want one' -- Using that logic I must also secretly want cancer." Wow, too bad about your sense of humor. It was a joke. Don't think I'll bother to explain, because probably everyone but you got it.
Funny how an article like this brings out the fanboys from both sides of the fence. Good job sticking to your guns and getting results!
+Todd Oberlander I'm not an idiot Todd, so lets just dispense with the childish insults. I develop for all three platforms, and by far my experience has been that windows machines are far less stable.

It may be that many mac users don't have high technical skills, and that's okay. Shouldn't have to learn how to be a sysadmin to be a writer. That's why they pay you, so you can do it.

And just to re-iterate, in my experience, my Apple machines are far far more stable than any Windows machine I've ever used.
Windows machine have nothing on MACs.... PCs' suck your what they're good for...
Wow, I'm having a similar problem with a tech company not holding up their end of a deal, and was thinking about just letting it go, but it sounds like maybe I should pursue it further?
+Ryan Thompson If your windows machine takes 10 minutes to boot up, than you either installed windows 7 on a machine built for 98, or you have massive virus/bloatware issues (which is a user problem, not a Windows problem). And I'm then guessing your stability issues are due to the same thing causing your bootup time, very limited resources causing applications to not get enough scheduled CPU time to run properly.

What development environments do you use? Because I am a developer as well and I can tell you from my experience, Windows development is by far easier and perfectly stable, but only because Visual Studio is amazing.
What is wrong with Visual Studio? I must say that Visual Studio + C# + WPF = :)

And I mean besides the price lol.
Best post I've read all day...really put a smile on my face, all those years I had to listen to applemac owners slagging Microsoft off for bundling internet explorer in their operating systems...and now look at apple...worse by a million miles than Microsoft ever were! LOL :- D
+Aaron Taggart No, it's an issue with the remote folders and the profile syncing. Nothing I can do about it either because that's administration, and they're clueless as to how to fix it. Corporate policies ruin computers. Re-image the system is not a fix, it's admitting failure, and starting from scratch.

And Visual Studio is a bloated piece of crapware that makes you stupid. For your own benefit, stop using Visual Studio, find a plaint text editor that works for you. If you don't know how to create a program from scratch, then you really don't know how to make a program.
After all, having a good product is not enough. Only company, considering customers support not least important, than R&D, gets a good chance to win the market.

Sumsonite: clerk over the phone only made sure he got my suitcase model description right. Warranty, or out of warranty? He didn't care. I have received a part to replace a broken one in few days by postal FOC. I still remember my sensation of "cultural shock".
that is so friken me lol... :0
It's really interesting now if you go watch the 1984 Superbowl ad, Apple has become the old guy on the screen with all the iFans sitting around stupefied. Of course now, "Think Different" doesn't mean "Think Apple", nor does it refer to IBM, Google, Intel, or Microsoft. Now really it means just think about where your money is going, and does what you're getting really accomplish what you need.
Little people can win sometime against big corporations. Gives me hope.
Down with apple! Evil company.... kudos to you for fighting through this!
This is one of many fallacies of bureaucracy... sometimes illogical things trickle down from the overlapping patterns of logic
I've really enjoyed reading all of the comments here the put the average Apple user in the light they deserve. I've spent my life working with computers, and there is nothing more frustrating than an apple user who has no idea how to use their own machine. The Apple ecosystem can not continue it bleeds the rest of society dry with the never ending empty promises of being cool to the user.
Isn't this Apple through and through? If they didn't bully everyone, more people might stand up for themselves.
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