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I do so love +OMG! Ubuntu! readers <3
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assuming there is some kind of sarcasm going on some where.
It would be such a mess if santorum got in the White House. It could take years to clean it all up.
Gods chosen winner Rick Santorum demands more gnome shell themes!
The fact that I'm not sure if this is trolling is sad by itself.
If this isn't a troll, I apologize on behalf of my horrible country.
We may not be the worst country, but we are pretty close. And I mean that in the sense of our government and our vocal minority.
And here I thought omg!ubuntu was UK-based. Half of us dont even get involved in US politics.
None the less hilarious, thank you for sharing!
You can tell that it's genuine by the bad grammar. Unless it's a meta-joke, but I doubt it. Also, check out, which, until recently, was a top search result for "santorum" on Google.
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