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If you have a spare 2 seconds go to up and let me know what theme do you see. Is it the "old" one (i.e. the one you'll have since for the last few years) or a new one?
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New and Unity sucks and I'm switching to Barbie Linux!
New one is far better. BTW, the authors section is empty. 
Thanks folks - still needs a bit more tweaking yet, but it at least means you're seeing the right site! 
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon  Two tipps:

1. The items in the 'Categories' and the share section should be highlighted when mouse over the area of an item and not only when mous over a lable.

Currently the mouse target area has a varying size → bug.

2. The 'news boxes' should have a bit more top and bottom padding to make the site lighter.
The new one. Holy crap that looks nice Joey!
I see a lovely tile based theme on my mobile. 
Seeing the new theme right now. Looks super amazing! Very well done! :D
You also fixed the bug on the logo I see.. :P On the old site, it moved  a little bit to the left just after the tilting animation.
This is so for the pagehits, he just wants some ad revenue!
(Also new.)

EDIT: </sarcasm>
+Benjamin Humphrey Added the cat hover. Not sure what you're seeing wrt: fonts though, they looks fine here (on OS X, ChromeOS and Ubuntu)
This took more than two seconds. I demand reparations.
New theme here.  Chicago, 1700 (UTC -600)
Looks awesome from the desktop! Now get to posting new articles for me to read!
new one :D looks nice!
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