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By jove I love the way Bard thinks. 

(Highly recommend parts I and III of the Futurica Trilogy, btw)
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I love his socks. 
Love this line: "if you were the winner in the past paradigm you're far less likely to jump to new solutions."
This is a really cool find. Thought I was about to wade into modern age pop-psy nonsense. Thanks :)
I'm sorry... That man is a douche of the highest order. "Let them starve" Bard. One of the few people who could say the sky is blue and I would mistrust them
+Farran Lee The second book is, as he mentions, a bit on the "I HAVE NO WILL TO LIVE READING THIS" 
+Orpharion Bestheneme no its from his earlier debates, opinion pieces and from talking to friends. Like the lovelly end to a discussion about poverty: "let them starve". He is a combined laughing stock and shock "philosofer" who after running a foul with some union people in Stockholm years past called out for the culling of all unions and its members by armed guards.

He is the typical priviliged white dude who is in awe that others are not in the same position as him. A person who could flip his opinions on the off chance that more people would like him at one point and the right people would be shocked.

He is the absolute opposite of liberty since his liberty can for all he cares be held up on the backs of slaves. The last years he has stuck himself like a leech to groups like the Pirate Party, claimed actions he was never part of and tried his dab hand at some computer liberterianism slung together by the cultural elite people in the inner circle of the Stockholm Centerpartiets liberterian group.

Like I said: he could say the sky is blue and I would still want a second opinion.
+Jens Reuterberg I'd take a lot of his more socking remarks with a pinch of salt. He's does himself no favours when he gets like that, but it's part of his personality to be outrageous for outrageous sake. 
I don't like him - he isn't critical at all. There is more about connected societies than understanding where they came from. Connection “like he understands it” is to give control away to big companies – he doesn't say it – but it's the consequence of the thoughts he expressed. I would rather love to have important technologies crowd sourced then any further centralization.
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon there is a problem when you're actually pretty high up in society and part of the hardening of Swedish society.
Calling for the deaths of me, my family and friends may just be shock words to him but we have seen what happens when those "shock words" are finally so common that they are a serious threat. I'd rather get angry now than have another one find a bomb at their doorstep, murder threats aimed at them and their kids, thugs beat you up in your home or having another one shot dead.
Read that as "Alexander Beard"
+Jens Reuterberg But all of that sounds, to me at least, like the antithesis of anything Bard would encourage or condone. E

He's crotchety, caught up in his own ego (though part of that ego is earned) and incredibly aware of how he's presenting himself. But he's never, to me at least, come across as evil. 

Stupid, a bit. But not evil. 
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon I would never call him "evil" I have yet to meet or hear of someone who is "evil".
His opinions and ideals are self-concerned and short sighted and the results of them are a cruel and brutal and whatever positive thing he can plopp out of his mouth is covered and tainted by the rest of the ideological garbage that has passed through it.

He wants a nightwatch man society, thats fine (I don't agree with it and think its dumb but still). He slaps on a hope that it will cause unions to be disbanded through armed force - thats not fine.
He wants to cut all wellfare support, thats ok. Most liberterians have a grand idea that this will cause the economic playing field to level. He slap on the intend that the poor can starve for all he cares - thats not ok.
And these are just picks from the great basket of horrid shit thats flung itself out of his mouth.

He's not evil, evil is a metaphysical idea of some otherwordly cruelty beyond humanity. Something that drives someone to commit cruel acts for no reason. I've never seen that in a human. He's not stupid, he's spent years working the political landscape and building some kind of power base (I would not be surprised if he turns up for office at some point). He is just a person to whom an idea of the individual and its ideas so far outweighs society and its needs that no one but the strongest are allowed rights.
He's just an ideological part - but ideals and ideologies are the start and it was the start of so much horrible nonsense in the 90's.
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