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Maybe one day ;)
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Sexy shade of red-orange
Firefox, like Kyūbi, but with fewer tails.

Should be a slogan!
Firefox VS Chrome & Ubuntu
OMG Firefox VS OMG Chrome & OMG Ubuntu!?

That'a a bit strange... LOL
Hey guys, remember OMG! Daleks, YUM! Fedora, SoVeggie, Ubuntu Gamer and OMG! SUSE? Yep, I've been stalking +Joey-Elijah Sneddon since '09.
Just to add a dose of '...but' to that

Yum! Fedora! was a domain name I purchased and then said "if any Fedorians want to use it, get in touch"

OMG! SUSE! wasn't anything to do with us. The guy behind it asked if he could use the OMG! branding, and we said yes.

Ubuntu Gamer was 3 years too early. Niche within a niche at the time :(

OMG! Daleks! & SoVeggie died deaths, admittedly. The latter will be reanimated at some point. 

I'm disappointed that you don't stalk me that well, though - you miss off OMG! Monsters! :P
What font is the logo?
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