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The only problem for me, at least, is that I really don't need it or would have much use for it. Let alone spending £1k on it. Granted, if someone gifted it to me, I'd be nice to use for just browsing the web. I'd personally rather prefer the Macbook Air (as it's basically a competitor to it) because I can run full desktop apps on it. Maybe it's good for your nan and grandad or someone who's new to computers. I'd love to hear what other people think on here.
What's interesting to me is the tagline "for what's next" which sounds like they have something up their sleeve. 
If I had the money I would buy it.

I don't have any computing needs, just a browser. This 'useless' machine is perfect for me.

I could go with the $250 machine, but this one would be a long term Chromebook. This will be able to handle whatever Chrome becomes for years and years. I could also install Ubuntu on it if I wanted too. 
Let's face it; it's a $1,300 laptop that doesn't run Gimp, Steam, QuickBooks, a full-featured office suite, or major IDE. There are many ways to spend $1,300 on a laptop and be able to do all of that, and even more.

Chromebooks work really well in the $200-$400 price range. Outside of that, the use case breaks down.
+Ian Santopietro Short of the 'for what's next' slogan being fulfilled, I have to agree. Even the $500 Chromebooks sold abysmally. 
+Ian Santopietro correct me if I'm wrong, this machine runs an i5, it's capable of running any Linux distribution you want, or Windows, or Hackintosh.

Its hardware and screen are topnotch, the software it comes with is absolutely the least of my concerns.

The few times I've bought computers they come with Windows pre installed, what do I do? Slap Ubuntu on it. Problem solved.

No windows machine has a screen that can compete against this. I was waiting for something like this outside of Apple (they will never get my money). I don't see the problem. 
For one, I understand getting Ubuntu on a Chromebook isn't a "slap in a disc" affair. It takes a little more work then that.

Furthermore, if this device needs Ubuntu to be useful, why didn't it ship with in out of the box? The OS is a very critical part of a laptop, and should this be sieved carefully. I wouldn't buy a laptop running Windows just to throw Ubuntu on it, either.
I would rather buy a Bonobo Extreme for $1500 than a machine running Chrome OS on which I would anyway install Ubuntu later. Plus, a Bonobo has better specs than the Pixel.
+Ian Santopietro well, I do buy windows computers to install Ubuntu on. Where I live, I don't have the luxury to buy non windows / mac PCs.

Since I can't stand windows, I use Ubuntu. ;)

The pixel should run Ubuntu without a problem, it's an X86 machine after all. 
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