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I've been playing War in a Box: Paper Tanks all evening (excuse: i'll be reviewing it).

Great game, great price. Only $4 in the Ubuntu Software Center. 
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It is. That's why it's so damned addictive
Not in 13.04, curse my having-to-dogfood-the-next-release lifestyle!
+Jorge Castro Canonical should open the proprietary apps to devel cycle users too. You should find the right person to bug about that or open an RT ticket or something. It's important that the proprietary side of the Software Center gets tested by alpha/beta users too. Those of us that always run the development cycle would otherwise be out of luck except for a few weeks a year (unless we log into a computer running the stable release).
+David Morley I believe many apps would keep working. They can't stop someone from buying an app with 12.10 and then upgrading to 13.04 with the app still installed. If need be, they can add an extra banner to Software Center, but isn't it useful and important for people to actually check whether the apps are working fine before release?
+Jeremy Bicha yeah the issue comes for people who buy the app on a development release expecting it to work flawlessly and it doesn't this makes canonical and the app dev look bad.  Loosing sales for both.
Hey Joey, I've been playing this game but I can't even finish the first level. I only have 30$ to buy three shitty towers that can't kill anything. Any advice?
Put one tower on each of the points in the triangle and as soon as you get 10 more upgrade the first tower ans so on then add the forth tower in the only spot left
Check the hardness it works here. Did you set it to insane?
Try one turret and upgrade it twice
I tried all the combinations... difficulty is 'normal' (there is no easy). It's like something it's wrong... because it seems not possible to complete the level...
On expert do the one closest to the startline and upgrade it. Don't increase the speed. After round one are killed you have enough to buy another turret place it to the right of that one and upgrade that. Then repeat for top left then repeat fir top right then upgrade them all to 3
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