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OMG! Ubuntu!
A new release of GNOME Pie, the slick app launcher for Linux, is now available. We show you how to install in Ubuntu using the official PPA.
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Don't like Chrome's new Bookmarks Manager? Here's how to disable it and get the old version back.

We wrote this article last year when the feature hit Beta channel users. Now Chrome's new Bookmarks Manager has rolled out to pretty much everyone, Stable channel users will find it useful, too.  
The latest Chrome beta channel release is enrolling more users in Google's new 'enhanced bookmarking' feature, no extension required. But it's not pleasing everyone.
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I like the new one, it's simple to add words/#tags in the notes and be able to get to a bookmark right away. I just wish that they were available in the cloud too.
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This stuff is just so cool.

I've been super excited by deep linking and app indexing for the longest. Anything that helps blurs the boundaries between web and app content gets big plus points from me. 

We were even fortunate enough to be invited by Google to bake  App Indexing into the +OMG! Ubuntu! (and +OMG! Chrome!) Android apps during the early days of the project. You'll even see the familiar OMG! bubble logo listed on the Featured Apps page on the Google Developers website — how rad is that?!

I've no idea if anyone will ever see our apps suggested in the manner linked in the article below. They're niche sites, after all.

But, as I said, the possibilities these features offer makes me giddy with excitement nonetheless. 
Thanks to Google search on your Android phone, you can not only bring up search results from the web, but also content from apps that are installed on yo
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Joey-Elijah Sneddon

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Don't like 'em? Here's how to get rid of them. 

(Or, if you did, how to get 'em back!)
Want to disable Chrome notifications or hide the 'bell icon' it shows in the system tray? It's easy to do, and in this article we show you how.
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If they need help with that they should get off the internet. :)
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...And just like that my Google+ feed is coherent with actual posts from actual people I follow!

(Some of you will know I have a long running battle with trying to make my main feed more... digestible, less 'gifs and random stuff from communities I don't think I even follow'.

What did I do to restore content sanity back to 'ahh'? 

I turned the hot and recommended section (which seems to be more of a 'hot and recommended based on search terms in your profile') down to 'fewer'. 


Maybe I'll even start to use Google+ now ;P
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One would think that google would know us better thanks to their spying, but it seems even they have yet to perfect the art.
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On the subject of birthday's Google tells me it's +Kenny Strawn's birthday today — happy birthday dude! 
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Technically still 4/13 where I'm at... but you're 6 time zones ahead of me, so.
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Joey-Elijah Sneddon

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Congrats to +Martin Wimpress and the rest of the +Ubuntu Mate team. Getting shipped on hardware is a big achievement (and, as ever, warmly deserved!). 
Forget the release of shiny new Macbooks and Apple Watches, the big hardware news of the week for Linux enthusiasts comes from little known UK computer company called Entroware.
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How easy it setting up and using the Google Chromecast?

Super easy, as these short clips from Google show. 
Just bought a Chromecast, or are thinking about getting one? These videos from Google will help you get setup and casting in next to no time at all.
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There are apps to automatically cast stuff to chromecast, such as AutoCast. If you want it to turn on the tv too, your tv needs hdmi-cec support. And if you want it to turn on the tv, you need the USB plug to go directly to the outlet. Not a port on the tv, as the Chromecast would need to be left on at all times.
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I'm sure no-one here still uses Windows XP (right?!) but if you do…
Google has announced that it is extending its support period for Chrome on Windows XP until the end of the year. As announced back in 2013, the search gian
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+Nick del Pozo already with two instances running? On my potato that has chips graphics it runs at those speeds when I have 10 instances runing! XD
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Joey-Elijah Sneddon

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My name is Joey Sneddon and — shock — I sometimes use Apple products.

Don't tell me: you already knew?

Now that wouldn't surprise me. It's not something I'm particularly secretive about (heck, my profile picture for several years until recently even had an iMac in the background). 

And yet… Every couple of weeks someone will spot a 'sent from Twitter for Mac' badge on a tweet I send and point it out, expecting an explanation. 


As I said at the start, it's not like they have rumbled some grand master plan; I use OS X. It's not a secret! 

Secondly, no-one ever "calls me out" on tweets I send from Twitter apps on Windows 8.1, Android, Chrome OS, Ubuntu and the like. Or those served up through proprietary services like Buffer. 

Instead, it seems to boil down to the fact that one of the sites I write is about Ubuntu and tangents thereof. The assumption, not an illogical one, granted, is that I either only use, or should only use, Ubuntu (and by extension open source software). 

I don't. That's not me. And it never really has been.

(Quite why only Apple is singled but other OSes I tweet from are not. Well, no idea.) 

If anyone is wondering why I use computers of all types, running operating systems of all types, the reason is simple: curiosity. Which is the exact same reason that drew me to use Ubuntu in the first place. 

That curiosity leads me to read about or try many things, from hacking Windows 10 to fit on an ancient EeePC, to repurposing an old Android phone into a remote webcam, to trying all sorts of apps and add-ons and whirly-bits. 

Yeah. Truly shocking: I use tech out of curiosity and not ideology.

I think open-source is awesome sauce. OMG!'s Android apps and browsers add-ons are open-source. Even our website themes and some of our custom plugins are open sourced, etc.  

But me, Joey, as Mr Human Input person, I like to use a lot of things. The licensing and development model is not my concern. I leave those decision to the developer. 

I'm too enthused and engaged by tech as a whole to wear a purview that's restrictive. Use just one platform? I'm sure I could. But I don't want to. And I don't need to.

So yes, folks. I sometimes use Apple products. And I also sometimes use a bunch of other products too, including ASUS, Dell, Samsung and HP devices. I use Windows, Chrome OS, Android, Ubuntu and iOS — and who knows whatever else in the past and going on in to the future. 

It's not a secret. I'm not hiding it. And, if you're like me, neither should you. Use what works, don't sweat the rest.

😘  💻 📱 ⌚️ 👍
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Great post. I'm a Linux user too and I love Apple hardware although OSX is gorgeous I always go back to Linux. I want the new macbook and install my favorite distro, Lubuntu
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As more and more bells and whistles have been added to Chrome, so situations like this become inevitable.

But users should also be aware that each and every extension installed will be running continuously too. The more extensions you have = the slower, more bloated Chrome will be. 

Not that Google don't have work to do themselves. The addition of newer features, like notification centers, Google Now, Google Drive background integration (let's me right click > open files in Google Drive online in my local apps) and the like all have an impact, too. 
Owners of Apple's super-thin new MacBook are being told to avoid using Google Chrome if they want to squeeze the most battery life out of their portable. T
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ok yes
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Well — it seems +OMG! Chrome! turns three in roughly one month. I don't know what to do to mark the occasion, but I feel like I should. 

The site has done really well over the past 12 months alone. Plenty of big scoops, a bunch of well received and widely shared "how to" posts, and various cites from major sites including TechCrunch, Engadget and Forbes!

(I won't talk traffic numbers in public as it comes across as a bit brag-y, but it's doing just as well on that front, too). 

For those who are curious, the linked article below was the 'launch' post.

I say 'launch' but fact is I seem to remember I wrote it for first article because I was just keen to get the site running. The concept, domain name and original site design (which sadly never quite got finished) loitered for the best part of a year or so prior to this. So while not the most glamorous hello post, it got the Chrome-colored ball rolling. 
Could Google's Chrome browser be coming to iOS devices? Business Insider are reporting just that. The rumour comes from Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter who says that "Apple may already be reviewing Google’s submitted code for a Chrome browser for iOS." On the face of it this sounds like exciting stuff for iOS users, doesn't it? But dig a little deeper and you'll soon see there are flaws to this rumoured move.
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How about a new material design for the android app? ;)
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