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I'm informally researching for an upcoming event. Have most marketers (including content marketers) heard the term "structured content". And are they, on the whole, intrigued, indifferent, or horrified by the idea?

This could be any sense of "structured content" including markup, COPE-style approaches in a Web CMS, or hardcore XML stuff! Or just having heard the term and having no idea what it means.

#marketing #contentmarketing

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Could anyone help me pick a profile photo? This is for LinkedIn, conference bios, etc. I've narrowed the choice down to these two. They're very similar but the head angle & expression are slightly different. Which one looks better in your opinion?
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It's becoming quite common these days to manage XML-based content in Git or Mercurial. It can work very well, but the 3-way merges can catch you out sometimes unless you have an XML-aware diff tool. Here's why.

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Lots of writers — my dad included — complain about redundant usages. But redundancy often clarified or adds meaning. An unjustified fear of sounding redundant leads writers to adopt unnatural or abrupt phrasing, without the usual nuances & hints.

#WritingStyle #GrammarPolice #Writing

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WYSIWYG wasn't just a comfort blanket. It helped writers do their jobs. We can't go back, but must make up for the missing components of author assurance.

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Author assurance is probably the most important factor in structured authoring tool usability and productivity.

This post is the first in a series that I started writing three years ago.

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Return of the humans

Technology is stabilising somewhat — yes, there are new development frameworks out all the time, exciting things with IOT, and steady advances in AI, but in the big picture, things are settling and consolidating a bit. What we now need to work on is making the most of human insight and judgement to harness the power of systems in a more transparent way.

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Rich cards are upon us

My survey of all the structured data changes that Google rolled out on the 17th, including the introduction of rich cards.
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