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I'm waiting for someone to prove me wrong on this one. BITTER? OR MAYBE I've had my fingers burnt too many times
Comment if you can.
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I see so many people and so many business's so i want to ask a favour. WILL YOU ADVERTISE YOUR COMPANY AND LINK IN THIS THREAD? Your product or business might be just the thing someone is looking for. There is so much money and abundance out there for everyone so LET'S START SHARING WHAT WE DO.
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When i went self employed 20+years ago I gave up Rugby because i couldn’t afford the time out from work due to injuries. Waking up the day after a match you often feel like you have been in a car crash. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful part of England, with open woodland,fields and a plethora of wonderful trails around each corner. So i decided to take up running as a way of relaxing, keeping fit, and an opportunity to get to know this beautiful area. 
Right now I’m 52 years of age and weight in at about 13 and a half stones.( That’s about 190 pounds) Now I’ve always been a strong build but definitely not a long distance runners build.

So why am i telling you this? 
There is one goal to my running and that is to enjoy the experience. To add to my joy. so much is written about goal setting towards 10k’s, Marathons, time trials,etc etc. There is nothing wrong with all of that but to my mind it is the joy of what i do that make me go out and do it most days. I don’t leave my front door with trepidation of the hard work that I’m going to put in. I leave with a feeling of glee at the prospect of going for an adventure. Today i ran all the steep hills and loved all of it. Yesterday my legs felt tired and i walked the hills. I enjoyed both runs equally because my expectation was one of joy, however it turned out.My partner and I call it Wiki-walking( from the Hawian word Wiki to mean fast or speed i believe) Often we walk in the sunshine enjoying nature, chatting and when we feel like speeding up, we do. Speeding down hills, breathing hard from the exertion and then strolling up the hills. Or the other way down.
When i met my partner she told me she didn’t like running. A memory of school cross country runs in the winter has put her off. I suggested a fast walk which slowly graduated to a run. Like me, she now runs whenever she can and it occupies an important part of the day. 
Now don’t get me wrong. there is nothing wrong with setting goals to run a race such as the marathon, I’ve done five to date,but try going out with joy as your only agenda and see how you feel when you get back. I know this sounds really simplistic but in reality it is. It is all about the mindset that you start with that gives you the result about how you feel at the end of it. Start with a feeling of trepidation and pain and that is what you will get. So i say remove the ‘No pain no gain” thought process and replace it with one of joy, and immediately you will appreciate the motion,the feeling of well being and the resulting increase in energy. 
As a side note does this not apply to everything we do. When you start any project with a feeling of dread how can you expect a positive outcome? I want you to enjoy whatever it is you embark upon.
Are you a runner or want to become one? I’d love to get your comments on this post and although I’m not an expert I’m happy to talk it through with you if you just want to give me a call. It would be great to hear from you.
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When you are paying for clicks you really need to maximise your ROI.So when Twitter released TWITTER CARDS recently they provided a 'perfect storm' for marketers in whatever business.

I've added a picture of a Twitter card to show you how you can use them in your business. Essentially by pinning a card to the top of your feed you can not only show your product, webinar or any event and allow people to opt-in directly to your list. In this case as soon as a person hovers over anyone of the buttons and clicks the are immediately added to my autoresponder and then forwarded to the webinar sales page.

It's a win win situation. The person clicking does not have to go through the process of filling out their details and you have a new lead in your system going directly to where you want them to go.

The set up is simple but you do need to be taught how to do it. If you want to learn where my LEAD GENERATION techniques are coming from that get me 20-30 qualified leads each and every day then click this link 
and attend the free webinar
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Six months ago i was totally lost with my marketing - I was totally relying on solo ads and felt like Facebook etc. had an open invitation to my wallet! Things couldn't have been worse.

And still I couldn't really attract leads to my home business.

Thank goodness, things have turned around for me now! 

The breakthrough came when I learnt targeted lead generation meaning I've been taught how to connect with people who need what I am offering. This changed everything for me!

I'd love you to have the same opportunity - isn't it time for you to breakthrough?? I'd love to invite you to a free webinar this Sunday 6pm Pacific time. Click here for the free training
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If you have a "HOME BUSINESS" and you want to see how i use the

internet to get leads check out the link below.
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TWITTER CARDS and how they can help you in your search for leads.
Do you use Twitter?
If you do you'll know that everytime  you Tweet your valuable content scrolls down the page and gets lost in the constant stream of content that you and others have put up there.
So can you make sure that your most important message gets shown all the time? But more than that how can you use that Tweet to get people to OPT-IN to your list?
TWITTER brought out PINNED POSTS to allow you to do just that, but more than that they allow you to pin a TWITTER CARD. If you look at the picture you will see a TWITTER CARD. Down in the right hand corner it says "Send me details" which is a direct link to my opt in and then on to a sales video.
I hope you are seeing the power of this!
Every time you post a Tweet or get a new follower the first thing they see is your TWITTER CARD at the top of your profile page. Really powerful stuff if you are building your list.( You are building your list...?)
Leads are the life blood of any marketer whatever business you are in. Without them you are dead in the water. But they have to be targeted leads. If you want to learn more about how to get a consistent 25-30 targeted leads each and every day do one of two things. Check out the link below or give me a call on Skype@joenorthuk and I'll talk you through it.
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The Power Of Visual Marketing
Visual marketing is powerful because vivid images carry the potential to impart emotional impact. Marketing that connects on an emotional level is exceptionally effective. In fact, these days, if you aren’t telling the story of your business in images on Pinterest and Instagram, you’re doing something wrong.
These sites allow you the rare opportunity to take your customers behind the scenes. They give your brand an identity and make your company appear trustworthy. Many brands have seen remarkable returns from simply asking their customers to take pictures of themselves engaging in their product or service.

These images provide social proof that your service is valuable, and most customers are happy to engage in these contests just for the chance to win an inexpensive prize.

Visual marketing is so powerful that companies and universities are pouring large sums of money into programs that assess how people respond after viewing promotional material. In fact, corporations have created systems that track eye movements in retail environments in an effort to assess how effectively these images spur customers to take action.

Visual Marketing Tips

It’s a good idea to place your logo on most of the images you create and share on social networks. You can do this quickly with commercial software like Photoshop, or free alternatives like GIMP. Branding your images builds trust with viewers—provided that you’re consistently offering them high-quality content—and it increases brand awareness at the same time.

These days, every image on your site should contain a call to action. Pinterest allows you to add a button to your images. With this button, your visitors can share the image directly to the network, thus increasing your exposure. If one person finds your content share-worthy, there is a good chance that someone else will as well.

One practice that you should adopt if you haven’t yet is to embed social media content within your posts. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ all allow you to do this. These additions can turn your posts into social hubs, and if you already have decent traffic, you’ll find your content shared more often than ever before.

You can also use SlideShare or a similar service to create slideshows. Well-designed slideshows can keep your visitors on your domain longer, and you can also use them to direct visitors to other articles on your site. Slideshows are also extremely sharable. Infographics and videos serve the same function.

Additionally, it pays to customize your Pinterest layouts. Pinterest traffic is often well targeted, so you want to give your prospect every reason to click. A good-looking template will get you more clicks, save you time and give your profile a more uniform appearance.

Keeping up to date with visual marketing tactics can be time-consuming. If you’d like to receive qualified leads automatically every month connect with me here or on Skype id+joenorthuk. I'll see what you are trying to do in your business and how I can help you to get more qualified leads.
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Branded Utility May Be the Next Big Thing in Internet Marketing

What is branded utility? It is, at its core, a marketing approach that is based on making human beings happier, by doing things for them or making things easier for them to do.

Smart, progressive companies are making friends with millions of people by being nice to them—and by stashing the crassness of commerce behind the scenes.

The Seinfeld Reunion

Avid fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm were ecstatic when the Seinfeld cast reunited there, and keen marketing minds paid attention to the app that was the brainchild of the character George Castanza – an app that showed New Yorkers where to find the nearest and most luxurious bathroom.

Charmin, manufacturer and seller of toilet paper, recently released an app just like the Seinfeldian one. Why? They wanted to do something nice (and funny) for their customers, and to make their customers feel good about them.

Nike Just Did It

Youth in Madrid like to play soccer; Nike knows this and decided to do something to help them do just that. Soccer players who play on the street can request a pop-up laser soccer field, facilitated with a small crane.

Nike managed to help kids, and helped city planners garner scads of attention for themselves. This further built their reputation by offering Madrid youth (well, in 6 neighborhoods in Madrid) just what they wanted, with no strings attached.

Ikea Wants the French to Rest Well

Driving along an extraordinarily busy roadway in France can be tiring. Ikea thinks that a well-timed nap could help stressed-out drivers rejuvenate, so they’ve provided free sleeping pods at logical spaces along said roadways.

Sure, nappers will be treated to some clever Ikea ads just before settling in, but the bet is that not only will they leave the pod feeling less tired but with a new level of appreciation for the Swedish furniture maker.

The Corcoran Group Knows Where the Best Food Trucks Are

The Corcoran Group of New York sells lots of real estate and they are also passionate about the city. Using Google+, this happening firm puts its marketing energy into identifying and promoting neat spaces to visit and promoting must-do activities.

This is a clever way to reach out to specific New York neighborhoods, but also to do something concrete for New Yorkers and visitors to New York.

Stiegl Beer Wants You to Get Home Safely

Steigl not only offers us superior cool beer on a hot summer’s day, but a label that could do us a lot of good. The Austrian makers of Steigl have replaced its traditional labels with free tickets for public transportation—not only supporting the importance of sober driving but providing beer drinkers with a free way to get home. This is branded utility at is finest, helping individual customers and the society at large.

So long story short…how does this relate to you as an internet marketer? Well, you may not have the same customer base and resources as Nike and Ikea, but you do have website visitors and a prospect list.

Take a lesson from the global marketplace, and meet the demand for authentic action fuelled by original thinking. Ask yourself today how you could be nicer and more “real” to your customers, while building a profile as a company that “gets it.”

Branding and positioning can take time! It’s worth it in the long run, though, so keep at it. In the meantime, continue to focus on your highest-leverage profit-generating activities. For a lot of internet marketers, that’s selling high-commission products and services through my done-for-you lead generation system. Contact me on Skype @ joenorthuk for further details.
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The contest is an established marketing tactic, in the physical realm as well as in cyber space, and with sound justification—human beings like to try to win things.

Wildly successful online contests have solidified the position of the contest as a worthy part of an effective Internet marketing strategy.

Didja Ever?

Carnival Cruise Lines showed off their marketing savvy with the creation of a contest named Didja Ever, which asked entrants to submit a description of something that they’d love to do during their time on this planet, encouraging them to think meaningful and think big.

People responded in huge numbers—Carnival Cruise’s Facebook likes now sit at over two million.

AMC Theaters

Successful contests need not be one-off, large-scale events. They can be a regular part of the way a company communicates with its customer base.

Consider AMC Theaters, for example. They use the Pinterest platform to regularly offer their movie-going clients’ chances to win prizes like signed posters, neat T-shirts and, of course, free tickets. Regular movie goers just have to follow AMC Theaters’ Pinterest giveaway board to be constantly in the know as well as in the running.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a fine hotel chain that knows the value of embedding contests into an Internet marketing strategy, asking that entrants send them their photos of a selected city, like Toronto, Canada, for example.

This kind of contest works well for Four Seasons as travelers are often passionate about photography and the generous prize of a free weekend at a Four Seasons hotel is an obvious drawing card.


If there is a chip that is identified with parties is could be the Dorito, with its crunchiness and intense tastes. Doritos knows who likes to eat their chips and so designed a contest that speaks directly to these youthful snackers wherein re-tweeting a particular Doritos tweet could win them enough Doritos, and other worthy prizes, to party on all night long.

Doritos’ brand gained significant attention for this cool contest, though it should be noted that Twitter does not approve of such antics.

Brush Buddies

Brush Buddies is a company founded on the simple premise that brushing one’s teeth could be fun, and so they have manufactured a line of singing toothbrushes.

When Brush Buddies decided to launch a Facebook contest designed to boost their global market presence, they turned to a talent search, asking for video submissions of singers who wanted to be the voice of a toothbrush. The Internet responded with flare and Brush Buddies gained attention in eight different countries.


HP is a well-known company, though their HP Spectre laptop is perhaps not as prolific as they would like it to be.

HP hosts a contest entry page on Pinterest, offering alluring prizes like the HP Spectre laptop itself, generous Amazon certificates and so on, to entrants who create a Pinboard around a weekly theme presented by HP. The contest is regular and entrants are returning weekly and growing in numbers.

It is indisputable that smart contests run on the right social media platform can bring some oomph to a company’s online presence and help to build a significant cyber following.

I promote a ‘High Ticket’ business opportunity online. If you are looking for a business to promote that pays commissions up and beyond of $15k then then give me a call on Skype @joenorthuk, and I’ll be happy to discuss the business model with you.
I’m passionate about helping others to find their way online and i hope i can be there for you too.
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