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We've all been there. You're at the office, totally on a roll working on a project and out of nowhere ... EVERYTHING STOPS LOADING! cause the Wi-Fi cuts out.
Instead of stepping into the Google Dinasour Game and trying to achieve new score, Here is a list of things to do for Staying Productive Offline:

1- Read articles offline.
2- Come up with new ideas.
3- Brainstorm with your team.
4- Write emails and replies that you don't have much time to answer.
5- Make some phone calls that haven't been able to prioritize
6- Create a To-Do list to arrange your priorities.
7- Organize Your Workspace.
8- Organize Your Email & Computer files.

When you are back online, don't forget to visit
and apply for new vacancies.
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If you are searching for a good job with lots of benefits, Convergys provides you vacancies with:

- High salaries.
- Transportation provided everywhere.
- Door To Door Transportation For Girls after 9pm.
- VIP Medical Insurance including Dental and Optical.
- Life Insurance.
- Available Gym in the building.
- Monthly Performance Bonus.
- Two Days Off Per Week.
- 21 Days annual Per Year.

➡️Customer Support Associate – Greek

➡️Customer Service technical support German- English

➡️Technical Support Specialist (German)

➡️Business Travel Consultant (French/English Bilingual)

➡️Customer Support Associate –Turkish

➡️Customer Support Professional - Hebrew

➡️Technical Support Specialist (German)

Apply Now through your account on #Jobzella
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Sykes is Hiring The Fantastic Four!
On contrast, Sykes don't hire Marvel Comics superhero team, but it needs 4 with fluency in different languages!

- Technical Support Advisor - English (5000 - 6000) EGP
- Technical support Advisor - French (5000 - 6000) EGP
- Technical Support CSR - German (9000 - 10000) EGP
- Technical Support Advisor - Dutch (10000-15000) EGP

Apply now, disregarding you have an experience or NOT!
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“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

Either you need to start in HR Career or want to develop your HR skills, ''#Hired'' will help you via providing HR Courses for multiple levels:

- HR Fundamentals Course
- OD Workshop
- PHRi Preparation Course, 2018 Outline
- SPHRi Preparation Course

Register now for the Workshop/ Course that fits you!
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Some are executors, others are creators! and #Creators never been defeated!

It is predicted that by 2040, automation will remove many job fields, but if you are a #Graphic_Designer, you are a #survivor and Protected from Technology invasion!

Apply now for #Graphic Designers Vacancies on #Jobzella, and protect your career!
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Each non matching outfit has at least one color fits you ;)
Non matching Vacancies on Jobzella! Pick what fits you! and apply for them:

➡️Senior Social Media Specialist
➡️International Account Advisor UK
➡️H.O Sales Dealer Development
➡️(H.O) Health& Safety Engineer
➡️English Teacher (Female)
➡️Tour Consultant
➡️HR Specialist
➡️Business Travel Consultant
➡️Senior Property Consultant
➡️Public Relations Manager
➡️Digital Marketing Manager
➡️Technical Analyst
➡️Senior HR Specialist
➡️Company Doctor
➡️Branch Manager
➡️Real Estate Consultant
➡️Digital Marketing
➡️Project Sales Executive
➡️SEO Specialist
➡️Back-End "PHP" Developer
➡️Call Center Agent خدمة عملاء بالعربي
➡️Telesales Offshore Call Center Agent
➡️Sales Consultant
➡️Digital Marketing Supervisor
➡️Internal Audit Manager & Financial Analyst
➡️Associate Creative Director
➡️Editorial Assistant
➡️Tele Sales
➡️Sales Manager
➡️Customer Service Officer
➡️Word Nerds
➡️Technical Support Specialist (German)
➡️Sales Executive
➡️Customer Service Technical Support
➡️Creative Director
➡️Front Office And Admission
➡️HR Specialist
➡️Sales Agent
➡️German Speaking Assisted Alarm Agent
➡️International Account Senior Advisor
➡️Sales Indoor
➡️Applications Development Engineer -AX
➡️Application Support Engineer -AX
➡️Interior Designer
➡️Product Manager
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الـ 5% مش مجرد نسبة!
هو كيان بيجمع ذوي القدرات #الخارقة، الشخصيات اللي قدرت تتحدى ظروفها، وتصنع منها قصة نجاح!
ملتقى نقدر مش ليك لو قررت إنك تستسلم، إنك تقبض وإنت قاعد في البيت، الملتقى مش للناس اللي مالهاش هدف، أو عايشة تقضية واجب!
ملتقى #نقدر، هو لكل واحد بيصنع من ظروفه وإعاقته، فرصة نجاح وتميّز، عنده هدف وبيسعى لتحقيقه، بيقدر يحوّل نرات الشفقة، لنرات إنبهار وإعجاب!
لو إنت مش مجرد رقم في السجلات، أو نسبة في المجتمع، تعالى إحضر معانا ملتقى #نقدر، أكبر مبادرة لتوظيف ذوي القدرات الخاصة في مصر.

سّجلّوا من خلال اللينك ده عشان تقدروا تحضروا معانا

ولمعلومات أكتر، زوروا صفحتنا على الفيسبوك

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