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If ever a wiz there was
If ever a wiz there was

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No strings attached.

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I need 10 people (preferably people who have experience teaching or tutoring SAT level math) to do some usability testing of a product getting ready for release. Please share this with anyone you know who may be able to do some testing and provide feedback. Thanks

Started at 228 lbs and 38 waist 18 months ago.
213 lbs and a 36 waist on Jan 1 2012
198 lbs and a 34 waist today.

the original goals:
210 lbs on Jan 1, 2012
195 lbs on Jan 1, 2013

The new goals:
195 lbs by 5/20
190 lbs by 7/4 (32 waist)
180 lbs by 1/1/13 (30 waist)
172 lbs by 5/20/13 (28 waist)

If I can weight at 55 what I weighed when I graduated HS, I will be very happy with what I accomplished.Total weight loss will be 52 lbs over 26 months (2 lbs a month). Which was a damn sight faster than it took me to put it on, but is a healthy plan (diet and exercise). Hopefully at some point in there I will stop needing meds for Type II diabetes.

[I really should change the profile picture since @ 200 lbs I shaved off the beard since I didn't have to hid the "more than one chin" I no longer have.

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So, my Toshiba Thrive arrived and people keep asking me why I didn't wait for the new ipad... and the bottom line is I prefer open systems to closed (android vs ios), I prefer a tech geek gadget to a consumer geek gadget and finally, I just needed a thin client that I could count on, and not the ultimate streaming video box at 5 times the cost.

now if I could get a the ssh I have on my laptop as an app everything would be good.

PS: after using the onscreen keyboard I really want

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Yum. Lunchtime! (and this is how you knock 10 more pounds off after you plateau from exercise alone) Vitamix rocks!

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Starless night, too many clouds. Amazing moon glow.

Chat on gmail "Unable to reach Gmail. Please check your internet connection" Yet Chat is fully up and running on G+

Go figure.
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