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Didn't realize Disney bought Marvel. #theavengers brought in $200M this weekend... Which covers the $200M Disney lost on John Carter.
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The thing is they own character rights,not the film which is Paramount property.Matter of fact they don't own Iron Man or Captain America either.
NYT says Disney owns the whole Marvel Studio... "Marvel Studios, a division of the Walt Disney Company, spent about $220 million to make the film..." But, its probably more accurate to trust a dude on +Google+ than the NYT. Seriously. I'll check that out. Thanks for the info +Duriel Moore.
No problem.I could be wrong.I was reading the Wizard report & Entertainment Weekly that explained that every film from Iron Man 2 through Avengers will not have Disney involvement.Film rights.We all know Disney bought Marvel.There's the difference.
I'm not just a dude on google+ either.Seriously.
Sorry +Duriel Moore . I meant The Dude on +Google+! I understand what you mean about the rights, etc. too. That stuff gets complex, and I figured the NYT would just gloss over it to make it simple for its readers. We good.
OH!I thought it was a slight at me.No problem.I just read what I understood about that.Now after this Avengers film then we might see some Disney produced stuff.Will it be any good remains to be seen.
Right... It'll probably be as good as a Pixar/Disney film without Pixar.
They shouldn't mess it up too bad.It's just my non belief in Disney.I see visions of Mickey,Donald & Alladin for some
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