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Hey Latifolks,

First off, I wanted to say thank you for using Latitude. Depending on how you count, I've been working on it for three or five years. I carry its pager and I watch its monitoring and it wakes me up in the middle of the night but without Latitude I'd have never had the opportunity to learn what it is to make software that can enrich the lives of so many people. Its weird to know the servers I built and the apps I wrote are going to go into the ether but I'm okay with it. We're still working on location sharing and I'm still really happy with G+Location. Its a re-write of the Latitude stack but built for a world where social is a layer across all of the Google experience, not just deposited in a corner of Google Maps.

In a month, when Latitude goes dark, we'll have G+Location there, ready for us (Android is ready, iOS is on its way). And what's better is you can share your location with the people that you care about, they can see it on a map and they don't even have to do a single thing. No invites. No emails and links and websites and hooha. They just open G+ click on Location and see your happy face (or in my case: me fighting a giant robot).

My friends and I (Latitude team has moved beyond "co-workers") had to make some tough choices. What we could build, how we could rebuild it and what it meant for all of us who used Latitude every day.

I've been thinking about and working on Location for a long time but to make sure I understood what turning off Latitude would mean, I unfriended all 140 of my Latitude friends. I tried to live my life the way I did before Latitude and it was really hard! I'm a social person by serendipity. "Oh? Mike and Andrew are at the bar? It's a block away? I'm going there!" I also have a close relationship with my family. When I went dark, my Mom messaged me to find out what was going on.

I've sent out several "Share your location with me on G+" posts in the past month. I started from a clean slate like everyone else and wanted to see what it would be like. Being truthful, I don't see as many people on the map as I did before but the difference is quickly and steadily shrinking. I definitely see more people I care about now (three months after G+Location launched) than I did right after Latitude launched. This whole process really made me aware and confident that building anew was the right thing. Beyond that, I've seen some incredible demos that make me super excited about what the future holds for location sharing.

+Andrew Oplinger  and I are going to be the engineers taking Latitude offline in a month's time. Its been incredibly rewarding for us to work on it. We love this product and we've tried our best to understand what it would mean for Latitude to go away and what we'd need to do to keep building on our vision. We know that with this change we'll be able to make people's lives even better and that's all we want to do. I've been doing this for a large part of my life and I'm going to continue doing it.

[As always, I am me and Google is Google. These are my thoughts, alone. Also thanks to the people who gave this a once-over before I published it to the world]

Edit: Thanks for the continued feedback folks! I appreciate everyone's passion on this topic and I hope that we can move the product in a direction that satisfies everyone's needs. As I've mentioned before, I can't speak on the topic of future features or functionality. That said, I definitely hear the requests from so many people here: A layer in maps, times and inaccuracy circles on locations, city level location sharing, and more frequent and controllable location updates among others. 

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I have used Latitude since the beginning and I love it. I'm sad to see it go. I don't mind that most of it's functionality will still exist over on G+ which I love and use heavily as well. The thing I like most about Latitude is not necessarily the sharing but the Location History. I use the Android app Latify so that my history is even more fine tuned. I am glad to see that Location History is not going anywhere, but I am worried about the API that Latify and other similar apps use to do what they do. Latify allows my history to keep tracking and sync back to Google even when I have gone offline, like out in the woods where I have no service. It also allows my polling location to be increased or decreased so I have a perfect location history rather than vague hits that don't really show what roads I travelled, etc... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow apps like Latify to continue to do this.
I regularly reference my location history (I travel a lot and have almost 3.5 years of location history data), and use Latitude every day, to "keep in touch" with friends around the world. It's a neat, functional application that I have come to completely rely upon.

So right now I'm wondering how much of its functionality is planned to be included in G+ locations. For instance, is it planned that it will display the age of your contact's most recent location update? G+ locations does not show this which makes it look unacceptably static (it could be a location from minutes, hours or days ago), as opposed to the dynamism of Latitude showing "Just now" or "2 minutes ago".

If I can't see how old a contact's last location update was, it kind of defeats the object of location. It's instantly a deal-breaker for me.
J Chan
I've dropped off of latitude in the past year or so because every time I tried to check from somewhere it couldn't connect. I had no problems using Yelp or 4square checking in.
I just love Latitude, although I use it with a really small group. I hope the key features are transported to G+ Locations soon and the Locations tabs starts using an up-to-date Maps API.

Love your work and enjoyed reading such a personal perspective.
I am sad to see Latitude being discontinued, it was such a useful service for keeping track within the familiy. I hope that the G+ resurrection will be even better. Thanks for the hard work +Joe LaPenna.
You did good Joe. Love latitude. Sad/scary day to hear its going.

Thank you.
It seemed like a natural move to being in Google+ since Google+ tags your location on stuff, and is seen by friends.
+Joe LaPenna   is G+ Locations going to become real time like Latitude is/was?  It seems like an occasional location app within G+ rather than an actual reporter of your actual location.
Thank you guys, for all the hard work. Will be happy to see you move forward.
+Joe LaPenna a real Latitude fan here: any chance of adding timestamps to Google+ location? Knowing how fresh a location is is essential. Also, being able to filter who appears would be good (I don't want to see everyone who wants to share their location with me). 
+Joe LaPenna also, as I never heard back from the press office:) Will there be as good a replacement as the Latitude app for recording location on iOS? I'm on Android but hear that the location recording in Google Search/Now for iOS is nowhere near as accurate as the Latitude app used to be 
I'm suspecting the location history is what feeds the Google Now stats about walking, driving etc. So I'm banking that it will live on either in g+ or separately from somewhere else on our accounts. But I think the g+ move is probably the right one to make as latitude was clearly a more social element than anything else. 
Thanks, +Joe LaPenna Latitude has been of tremendous value to me and my family. Looking forward to see how G+ Location will evolve 
I'd just like to pick at one thing there, the Android version is not a ready replacement for Latitude. It's missing so much in comparison.

Please build it out, Latitude has been amazing and I thank you very much for it.
+Joe LaPenna I hope the replacement for the location reporting automatic updater will be a lot more robust and configurable than the current client embedded in gmm. Several apps (I use Backitude) have sprung up just to fix the problem of the official client's infrequent and inaccurate updates (e.g. preferring broad tower location to waiting for a GPS lock or Wifi geolocation), and these apps will presumably no longer work once the external API is discontinued in August.

Edit: My post on this last year, including screenshots:
I am weirdly resistant to using products for their intended purpose. (For instance, see my G+ stream.)

For the past three years, Latitude has been the product which tells me whether I have actually lost my phone or whether I have left it in a pair of pants somewhere. Now that it's gone, I am just now realizing that ought to have actually been using it.
Thanks +Joe LaPenna I have also been a fan of the work you guys put in to it. Still - I'm guessing the goos will be finding a way of keeping an eye out on us. Google+ locations will take a while to get the same notoriety and tools. Here's to the years ahead. 
Robot Devil says thank you. It will miss calling you so much.
Ben Petro
Thanks +Joe LaPenna , it's nice to know you're still at the helm.  I use Latitude daily for my close family only and absolutely LOVE it, if only for the security of knowing when my wife is driving home from an outing.  I understand the transition to G+ but have to report that it's just not working.  I see a bunch of people I'm not interested in, and no matter how many times I've checked the settings, cannot see the people I care about.  On my wife's profile on the web, I can see her location in the cover photo, however in the app, she does not appear.  Please fix this bug!

Also, the best thing about Latitude in Maps was that it was one simple click (press) to open up Maps and immediately see her on the map, now (if it worked) it's at least 3-4 clicks to load G+, wait, Locations, wait....  

Can you add maybe add a widget directly to the Locations map... again, if it actually worked :)

Thanks again for your hardwork and honesty
Michael H
Thanks for your efforts and work put into Latitude.  I use(d) Latitude every day, and will be stuffed without it. For 'google' to suggest that G+ Locations is sufficient to fill the gap left by Latitude is pretty embarrassing, but I hope it improves rapidly!
As a big fan and user of Latitude I'd just like to say thanks for building such a great product.  I'm really sad to see it go and can only hope that all of its benefits are integrated into G+.
when is granularity and minutes since latest acquiring gonna be available?
If they´re not in places its useless.
Thanks, +Joe LaPenna, Latitude actually really helped me out when I ended up in hospital recently, and my family didn't know where I was. Let's hope you can get some of the great Latitude features into the G+ locations app as soon as possible!
I would like to echo what people have already said above.

I love latitude, but I'm also looking forward to see how Locations evolves, because it isn't even nearly a worthy replacement yet. I have faith that it will be, but many more of the Latitude features need to be rebuilt and implemented asap.

Lastly I have one question and hope for you  +Joe LaPenna  . Will you live on and be transferred to the Locations Team, or is this the end of the road for you. Hopefully you get to carry on your great work via Google+
thanks for the explanation, just showed my parents how to find my location in G+ :)
+Joe LaPenna  Will there be a "location" map like we have on mobile apps, for use in google+ while in chrome ? Also, why don't you import latitude friends to a "latitude" circle or something? I mean, you usually migrate from A to B if you do something like this (you are not droping location altoghether)
+Joe LaPenna Thank you.
As a long time Latifolk the love of the work you and the team did was evident every time I open up Maps and saw my friends and family. I'm very sad to see it go and have been vocal about it but I am optimistic that you guys will be able to bring G+ Locations into the void Latitude is leaving and improve upon it. Best luck going forward and I cannot wait to see how you build upon Locations. Cheers!
Thank you for blazing the lat/long trail and for your vision
Thanks for this feature, my wife and I use it heavily to meet up and keep tabs on one another, warning each other of impending traffic and other things. I hope that you can be our voice to the +Google+ team as they expand the location sharing, and hopefully open up the API again to location writing, to make apps like Latify and Backitude work again! Offline location tracking and customized times for location updating was very convenient and efficient on the battery.
I've loved Latitude for years, and use it every day. Thanks for all your work, and for building a replacement before it goes dark.
So once I saw what was in the Android G+ app for Location sharing, I was pretty happy. Then I saw that G+ has no equivalent Location tab down the side. You have to go to someones profile and then click on their location and you get a red balloon in Maps.

There is no other way to say this, but that is just crap. That is an incredibly bad user experience from an organization that i supposed to be decent at maps. Especially when it is so good on Android. 

I hope this gets fixed very soon, otherwise I will be turning location sharing off on Google and moving to someone else - and recommending my family and friends do the same. I have convinced about 30 people onto Latitude, Google looses all that data when they shift.
Thanks for the wonderful product and I'm looking forward to an even better G+ experience...
I would also like to know that features from latitude will make the transition. 
First and foremost +Joe LaPenna thank you for Latitude. It has made a big difference to my life and to many of those around me.

If you were a heavy end user of the product as well as just a developer, I don't need to list out the parts of it that are now missing in Locations. The parts that made Latitude so useful. In its current form, Locations is enough to keep loyal fans going but I do hope Google chooses to build it out.

Speaking now as a developer, I'm still not sure what I'll do without the Latitude API, but I trust that the Locations team will open their product up in the same way before too long.

Thank you again. Please keep doing what you do - you and your colleagues are making the world a better place.
Thank you for your hard work so far and I look forward to everything yet to come. 
What about the location badges some of us are using on their homepages? Will there be an equivalent?
Any plans to add g+ locations layer to Maps? The at a glance info the latitude layer provided while using Maps for something else was very useful.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing g+ locations evolve into hopefully as useful as latitude in the future. 
I've been using latitude for quite some time as well. I've gotten many of friend to start checking in. I'm wondering if we will get to keep the gaming aspect of checking in? I loved competing with my friends each week.

Also, are we going to lose our distance traveled to the moon? I was just past half way there.
Thanks Joe for all the effort you guys put in to make Latitude such a great thing it is. I will miss it but hope that g+location will fill the void.

Thank you
+Joe LaPenna  Well, I'll miss latitude as well. Thanks for all your efforts.  

Even if I can understand that this "activity" is shifted to G+ I still think the information should be available in Google Maps (as some kind of layer) as well. The need to open Google+ to see a map does somehow not feel right for me.

What is making me partially sad is the fact, that with Latitude a product is dropped at a moment where the "new alternative" (Google+ Locations) is from the users perspective not on the same level.

For instance:
In Latitude it was often enough just to open the list of people to see if a friend is already near. There was the information how old the location was (i.e. 10 minutes) and the information how far this contact is away from my current position. Quit often there was no need to look at the map itself because of this. Now all this information is missing.
Also in Latitude there was the option to send update requests to the contacts.Maybe this is still the case with G+ locations, but as there is no timestamp shown... No one knows. 
In Latitude I was able to see the accurateness of the shown position (by a blue circle). This info was often helpful as well. How should I know that a person is really at the shown position and not just the signal tower used by the smartphone?

Also a web version of G+ locations is missing....

Normally I would expect that if one tool is replaced by another, the new one is at least providing the majority of features. But to be honest, right now G+ locations are far from that point.

Are there plannings to change that in the near future?
I hope the option to share city-level position only will survive; without it, the whole thing seems somewhere between useless and outright dangerous to me.

My interest in being stalked is limited, and so my MO is, "If you get latitude info from me at all, it's city-level. If we find ourselves in the same city and agree to meet up, we'll set each other to street level / best available until we've found each other. That's all."

I could see how some people might exempt very close friends from this, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I give acquaintances or people I only know professionally "best position", at least until there is a, "but only if I'm in this area (campus)".
My parents loved latitude b/c it gave them a way to check in on me to see that I'm ok. 42 years old and I'm still their "baby". I'll be walking them through the G+ location setup and usage soon.

Great job with latitude. Thanks for helping keep my family connected. 
Same here +Paige Dula   I did a 10,000km solo motorcycle trip last summer and my mom used latitude to see where I was. And I'm older than you :)     I really hope G+ Locations will become real time, real soon.  Seeing someone zoom along the road is much, much cooler and useful than static points that update.. uh... eventually. 
+Kevin Dunseath, maybe with the Waze purchase we will see some interesting realtime integration soon. 
+Joe LaPenna

Thanks for the writeup! I've been using Latitude for years so my wife and I can keep tabs on each other. This is still possible with +Google+ Locations, but is rather cumbersome. Can this be added as a map layer in the new +Google Maps app, similarly to the previous version? Or, have a dedicated menu item in the +Google+ app?

Thanks again for all your hard work! 
Thanks for all your work on such a great product.

I work in the bush a lot so latitude has been a great for family to track me and for location history. I really hope that G+ Locations gets some love soon. It's so limited and location updating is bad. Yesterday it showed me on the wrong side of town and wouldn't move at all.

Really loved Latitude because I could see where family/friends were during trips or see if it's a good time to call them.
I sure hope Latitude's great history features make it over into the G+ and iOS worlds. So handy, and nothing else like it.
I will miss Latitude but I think it will be alright if I am able to check my G+ Locations on the web and not just in the Google+ app. I'm hoping that is being worked on.
I actually like the idea of integrating latitude into G+ - but where is the Location tab for the web client?  What's the rush of getting rid of latitude when you don't have functionality across all G+ platforms? 
Wow! Thanks for all kind words of encouragement! These are a great reminder about how many lives we can touch with the work we do. 

Also, a lot of people have posted about the features they'd like to see, how G+Location can improve and also asked about what features we're working on. I can't speak to those topics but its great to hear feedback from people about what they care about and we're definitely thinking about many of the things people have brought up. I think you'll all be pleased with what is coming next.

+Erik Sundell As people might have mentioned further in the comments (I haven't gotten there yet), Location History is around to stay. Latify is a fantastic product, that's for sure but it sounds like our location reporting code does a number of the things (not all, but some) you have Latify for. For example, it grabs and caches a location from your device every minute, uploading when data connectivity is available again.

+Jeff Richards thanks for your feedback. I can't say what it is we're working on or what features we will or won't have, but I can say its neat stuff.

+Joyce Chan there were a lot of bugs with Latitude. We fixed some but couldn't fix 'em all; as much as we tried. Give G+Location a chance, it might be a bit more reliable than Latitude was.

+Kevin Dunseath G+Location is realtime. Because its built on a new location reporting codebase we can improve it even quicker than we could with Latitude, too.

+Jason Hsu Its a constant struggle to balance flexibility and simplicity in software products. With location reporting, our goal is to make it something our users don't have to think about, something that works as precisely and as cheaply (battery) as possible. As I said, we're on a new, improved code base now so hopefully you'll see less and less of the types of problems you've pointed out.

+Andreas Schou luckily for you, history and the ability to find-your-phone is not something that is going away. You can still check out your location history on the web. 

+Ben Petro I'm not at the helm, I don't like being in charge of the sails but I'm glad to row and think of ways to make better sails. The bug you're describing sounds like one someone showed me just yesterday. We'll make sure we get to the bottom of it.

+Paul Newport in a case like this, its often the case that two products of the same breed get in the way of eachother. There are some things we can't start working on for G+Location until we can decommission the Latitude infrastructure.

+Derek Waters its reasons like this that I'm happy to work on location products. I'm glad you're well and happy we could help.

+Mike Crumpler I'm a journeyman of sorts; I'm currently spending a lot of my time at work on Hangouts (around 50%) and the rest of my time on Location and some other things. I have three teammates who are 100% on location along with some other Googlers who help out.

+Masoud Sharbiani I'm keeping my nose in the location realm for a while. +Andrew Oplinger can't get rid of me.

+Hans Hong I'm happy to hear requests and feedback on the product. Also, the "Send Feedback" links you see around the product are also really useful -- We have a large team of people watching and analysing these reports to help guide us on what to build next.

+Richard Vowles Make sure you have an up to date G+ app. We have a map and a tab on the side: "Locations"

+Chris Birkett You can bet that we're going to keep adding features to Location!

+Brian Keesbury Location History and the History dashboard (on desktop) are here to stay.

+Lars Kuechenmeister We've got a lot of work to do on G+Location but I have no doubt that you'll see the feature get stronger and stronger with every release. About a desktop experience, while you can't see folks on a map, if someone is sharing their location with you, you can visit their profile to see their location.

+Tatiana Azundris that's a really common use case and one that I think about a lot. Location sharing is a very personal thing. Some people are more comfortable with different levels of access and we hope we can figure out a great way to make it easier while protecting your privacy.

+Terry Cameron the problem you described are being improved with the release of the new Google Maps for Android. It allows us to use a newer location reporting code base.

+Layani Prado We can only hope with improving G+ every day that the people you're talking about find what makes G+ useful to them. We hope Location is one of those features.
Thanks +Joe LaPenna . on latitude, if I was in a cab as I am now, I could watch myself on latitude and I moved, in real time, and it displayed where I was. And it was accurate.

G+ locations doesn't move, doesn't show where am in real time and is not accurate. I right now am about 10kms from where locations says I am, which is still at home.

But, I have a Galaxy Nexus with terrible GPS on Ingress, so maybe it's just my phone...
Thanks +Joe LaPenna ,a little more information: my wife can see me on web and app, I can see her on web profile however in my mobile app, I can't see her. I've cleared data, reinstalled, but my app just won't update. Same situation with 2 other people in my family that I can't see.
Can't believe I missed this post in my stream. 

Thanks for all the work +Joe LaPenna on the Latitude features. I hope you can bring some success to the location feature in the Google+ app along with the rest of the team. 
Thanks +Joe LaPenna.  I wanted to throw in my use-case for your team, if it helps with the development of features for G+ Location Sharing (which, as others have said, I would like to see as a layer in Maps).

My SO has significant problems with severe anxiety, and can have panic attacks when she doesn't know where I am.  Google Latitude was something that allowed her to see where I was in the city, and it provided her with an easy way to reach out to me, when she became scared.  We really miss the real-time tracking features, for when we'd be on long car trips.

It's important to have granular controls for sharing, but I absolutely want those who I consider to be family to know where I am, as accurately as possible, at all hours (regardless of taking a hit on battery).  I'd also like to have friends show up as icons in Google Maps, as they did with Latitude.

I sincerely hope that the new location sharing features aim to improve and replace Latitude, rather than simply replacing it with less features and functionality.

Thanks again for the amazing product.  I'm so sad to see it go.  We used it every day.
I have to agree: I really dislike the notion of using G+ to use a map.  I mean, it only makes sense at this point to have a layer in Maps.

Also, yes, the G+ location stuff is not very usable and it's quite painful.  I hope that the initiative is a serious one, and that we'll see a lot of Latitude's features show up within a few months.

Does anyone know of any other decent location-sharing applications which use real-time tracking? :(
+Jon Conley try Glympse. There are differences, but depending on how you used to use Latitude it could be useful for you.
Enjoyed the ride look forward to what is next.
Just like life, it was fun while it lasted. Keep up the good work!
Just took a trip to the store, G+ still shows me at the store where I was 20 minutes ago....
+Jon Conley as I previously pointed out, G+Location is as real-time as Latitude was. In Latitude, we moved your placard in conjunction with your device's local location but in G+Location, your placard is placed where other people see you, more accurately reflecting the information you're sharing. In other words, it looked like you were moving constantly on a map but your location was still being reported on a timed basis.
+Joe LaPenna G+Location has no timestamp or spatial accuracy (the ring around the marker on latitude) , until that appears it's completely useless.

But that'd be just a start!
Susan D
Locations is NOT real time. Never mind whether it's GPS or more general network basis, whatever, it just DOES NOT keep up the way latitude does. Don't try to claim it does. Credibility out the widows...
+Joe LaPenna At least on maps, if a location was an hour old, you could see that. Just checked, now, the location on maps of a friend is 48mins old. Google+ tells me the friend is at the same location but without a timestamp that info is useless. The fact you don't seem to see this as a problem is scary!!
Clearly most of the comments on here are biassed in favour of the removal of Latitude because they are comments from Google+ users. Most of family that I follow on Latitude are not Google+ users and don't intend to be.
If you read the comments in the Play Store, which is a broader representation of users, you'll find the majority of people are very annoyed about the loss of this feature.
+Joe LaPenna Please explain! Difference in placing placard where my device is (usually next to me) vs. where other people see me?

Who are these other people and why are they seeing me somewhere other than right next to my device? :)
No way to turn on satellite view, I like to zoom in and see what is in the area where my friends are or get directions to where they are :/
Two things that would make me more likely to use G+ location : set accuracy for different circles, i.e. Most accurate for friends circle and city-level accuracy for public circle.

Be able to set x minutes timer to allow a person or circle to see my most accurate location. After timer expires, reset back to city-level accuracy. 
+Susan Davies +Jack Bunce

With latitude opening maps for a few minutes did not actually mean your location was updated for other users. I often found this to be the case. I might have opened maps and let it grab my location, but my wife wouldn't see the change or it would just change right back to an incorrect location after I closed maps (usually because of Latitude grabbing cell tower location instead of GPS.) It annoyed me so much and was highly inaccurate at times. Having WiFi connections around always makes the location way more accurate, but that's not helpful in the bush where I work. In the bush it needs to grab GPS no matter the hit to battery.

One huge advantage to some of the changes is the battery savings, but there needs to be more options for higher quality location data (aka GPS location, not rough cellular location)
+Paul Newport I do believe Google Services and not G+ should have the battery usage jump.

I know it was reported that the first version of the new maps had a location services bug that drained more battery, but they have released an updated version.

I do hope it doesn't stay super simple, but I think they'll add it.
+Paul Newport I always stay logged in and I haven't seen a big drain. Was it on a specific version of the G+ app? It was updated earlier this week.

Hangouts app is separate from G+ and i use it all the time.
What about those of us who don't actually want to be heavily involved in social networks?  I've got nothing against Google plus, but like Facebook, I hardly ever update it and quite honestly, I value my privacy.  I enjoyed lattitde for safety and security reasons for my family.

Like others I miss the features of Lattitude already.  I want to be able to open Maps and have access to all my family's locations...  I've also noticed that the zooming is really frustrating.

Basically, its become more difficult and long winded to use.  I'm happy to give things a go, but I want to acess it quickly without jumping through various applications to get there...

I'm now even looking at various alternatives such as Life360, which I didn't really want to do.

Am I old fashioned?? :)
Since my last round of comments, I've had a couple (read: two) of people post messages that I felt were personally insulting and offensive. I've removed those comments.
Joe, sorry that you are insulted. You and your colleagues are clearly gifted people with vision - you created a service that was unique in terms of functionality and which also played an important role for many people in vulnerable parts of private and family life. It is striking to read that Latitude gave security in personal relationships and even helped to combat anxiety. Google+ Location currently doesn't come close to even the basic functionality that Latitude offered - time stamps to clarify the age of a location, API access to force frequent updates, layers and so on. For many users of Latitude these features - and perhaps especially time stamps - are going to be a great loss. The amount of notice given by Google for people to make alternative arrangements has not been good. It does seem odd that Google is killing Latitude before giving time for Google+ Location to develop as a more mature and better understood service. There also seems to be a pattern here - killing Talk and replacing it with Hangouts without, for example, providing online visibility status. Latitude's retirement does seem to create a backward step and it's a shame that, perhaps, Google didn't value the privileged place it had in many people's lives. This behavior does raise questions about the customer centered ethics of a company - it in no way questions the integrity or skill of the unusually gifted programmers and engineers that work for that company.
What happened to "Don't be evil"? Your are basically forcing people to a inferior product that people don't want.
+William Blomqvist  I think it is clear if we take the bigger picture that the product can end up being much more useful once they get it fully implemented, but I do agree that they should have waited to complete that integration before killing the current service.  They are making the same shifts over to Hangouts and from Picasa to Google+ photos.  The key would be to NOT leave people without a service they enjoy in the meantime. 
+William Blomqvist No one is forcing anyone to use anything.

Some things have to be done with old code before new features can be added. At least that's what I got from the post.
Please bake location into the Web versions of G+. I want to be able update my location, geo-tag posts and view nearby posts. Chrome's geo-location via Wifi works well enough for this so that a full GPS in the laptop really isn't necessary. And then there's Chromebooks. They're obviously portable, so should be able to play as well. 
+Julian Bond I highly agree! I submit this as feedback on G+ every once in a while. Quite silly that you can't mark a location just because its a browser. At least add city based posting. :)
Man, and I was just about to pass you on the latitude leader board. That's the real reason behind this, isn't it +Joe LaPenna 
Looks like my old Latitude check-ins will continue to show up on Location pages in G+ and Place pages in Maps, and I can still check-in.  That's mostly what I cared about getting preserved.  Now I can put a unique access list on every check-in that I do, separate from my "where am I now" permissions, which is cool.  So this seems like a win.
Thanks for the continued feedback folks! I appreciate everyone's passion on this topic and I hope that we can move the product in a direction that satisfies everyone's needs. As I've mentioned before, I can't speak on the topic of future features or functionality. That said, I definitely hear the requests from so many people here: A layer in maps, times and inaccuracy circles on locations, city level location sharing, and more frequent and controllable location updates among others. 

I'm on the road right now with sparse internet access for at least a few days. I'll have more to say when I have a chance.
Susan D
Even a G+ layer in maps isn't the answer. Some people will NOT join. So, how about a layer which doesn't rely on joining a clumsy clunky social network just to be able to share locations between you and your partner, it would enable you to see the other safely progressing on the motorway for example without having to join G+ and be sure to have disabled 99% of its useless function. You could call this feature of maps Latitude.
I used Latitude since it launched. Locations just doesn't do the same job for real time tracking my family (I really don't want to know where a bunch of random people checked in). So I've moved to Find my Friends on iOS, which so far is working fine. May well mean I'm buying another iPhone next rather than Android.
Susan D
+Terry Cameron Terry, I take the point about latitude not updating in your partner's view instantly. But the issue I have is that G+ doesn't even update straight away for ME, in my view. On the same phone with the same signal it is 45 minutes to an hour behind latitude. That's not real time, and even for my partner latitude is not that slow. Besides, if you're looking elsewhere on the map there's no obvious way to just flip back to centre on yourself again... just another feature missing imho. :(
I think the current Google+ functionality for location sharing is dismally inadequate. This is a major step backwards and another example of Google dumping a useful feature to "integrate" it into something else when that "something else" is not ready for prime time. Google Latitude should exist until Google+ has at least an equivalent level of functionality. 

I just don't understand the Google mentality these days that "less is more." It is the same with Talk -> Hangouts. It's another app change that offers less than the app it replaces.

Highly useful Latitude features including time stamps are absolutely essential for this product because location info can be hours old. Also, the ability to see the address where that person is located was very important for social gathering routing. Latitude was one of the most important apps my friends and I used for safety and social gatherings. Google+ is a shadow of what Latitude was... shockingly so.

Life360 seems to be offering about the same functionality Google is about to dump but I don't know if that app is reliant on Latitude's API. If so, it will die in about a month as well.

What I need to see is Google+ offering granular update push/pull location polling, street location with route-to access, last update time, some sort of check-in integration, and access via a web client.
Maps for iOS, v2.0. Requires iOS 6? Oh well, never mind.

Grrr. The G+ app is iOS 6 only. The mobile web interface to G+ allows checkins, but not in a desktop browser. If I checkin and share publicly, it doesn't update my profile location. But if I go to the web interface to Latitude, I can check in and then it does update my profile location. Meanwhile the beta of the new web version of Maps doesn't have any function for locating you or checking in.

Come on Google. Can you please finish the job of building the replacement before retiring the old functionality. Aug 9 is not far away now, but location is currently broken in all sorts of not very interesting ways. So what is this? FUD to make life awkward for Foursquare and Apple?
Can we get a separate tab for checkins? I HATE how latitude cluttered up my profile stream with checkin. I may post once or twice a day, but I check in 10-15 places while I'm moving around. Looks terrible on my wall
It's currently annoying to be in a state of limbo not knowing whether latitude will be replaced. The plans for Location, as with a lot of Google products, is very vague. Not sure whether to find a third party replacement or wait for a proper upgrade of G+.
I loved latitude in Maps because I could see where my family was. It's horrible in G+ because now all I see is a bunch of strangers who are sharing their location with me.
+Joe LaPenna

With utmost respect, I present my G+ Locations Christmas Wish List.

1. Provide an API that is at least as robust as the Latitude API.

2. Get with +Davy De Waele the maker of +Latify Mobile about how Latify users can have a seamless transition to G+ Locations.

3. timestamps for last update.

4. accuracy circles.

5. filters for whom I see. I may have 300 sharing location with me, but maybe I only want to see my wife and kids.

Pretty please with sugar in top. I promise that I've been a good boy. 
I really liked the Latitude in Maps: light, affordable, easy. A really google-style service.
Hope the G+ implementation will soon get similar functionality.
Just wanted to add my two cents as a long time Google advocate at my University that has been burned in the past (loved Google desktop, iGoogle, Reader, etc.). Latitude gives me such piece of mind and my family uses it every day. My children live in other states and it gives my wife and I great peace of mind to know where they are in as close to real time as possible. We tracked our youngest Daughter’s solo cross country drive sitting in front of a browser at work, seeing her smiling face moving across the map was very reassuring. I have an android the others have iPhones. With Google + currently I cannot see them on a map in a browser, if their location is “stale” I basically don’t see them at all on my phone and it asks to add more “friends”. There is no IOS G+ that updates their locations on iPhone yet. Like others I am hopeful Google + locations will get all the needed features but find it harder and harder to trust Google will do the right thing and listen to its customers.
The feature I'm going to miss the most is the location badge. I put that on my website under a private URL, which I gave to my parents who live on another continent and know how to use a web browser, but not more. There's no way I could get them to create a G+ account just to see where their son is. I also know quite a few bloggers who put their badge into the side bar of their blogs. With Google's policy to make everything available within G+ only, it doesn't look like we can expect an equivalent feature in the future.
Just another one that will miss it. And honestly i feel the anxiety already.  Maybe the feature i loved the most was being able to use a simple browser to check the position of friends and family. We have a cellphone which allows my friends and family members to track us but the one i use the most is the browser. Therefore i haven't tested g+ location services but from what i read it's discouraging.

I wonder myself, the service is not complicated to do, i even built s similar tracking service as a webapp (and i'm a single guy working in a vps some hours when my two kids let me). While i don't like losing latitude I understand that's a business decision to move it to G+, i just wonder why not keeping, at least, the same features ? it's simply great to see a map with all your friends (in your circles and after their approval for sure) to know if they're near or not.  It's great to know that the position was updated three minutes ago or 1 day ago. 

What's the point in removing a service so many people use, love and will miss and providing something of lesser quality with lesser features ?
I hope that a stay of execution is possible. It is difficult to think of an example where customer feedback is so clearly against the swift destruction of a service.
How much do I care about Latitude?  If Google offered to restore Latitude but with an ad banner, I'd still be fine with it.  As things stand we are losing a service and not gaining anything in return.  The solutions has to be a G+Location layer in Maps or a u-turn on Latitude.  While I do use G+, my grandparents have better things to do than waste time on social networks, but they have practical uses for Maps with Latitude.

Google has not thought this through properly.

The mapping aspect is not even the most important.  The most vital feature was a list of my friends and the last time they were at a location.  I travel for business, a lot, and I don't have time to tell my family and friends where I will be every time I board a flight.  Nor do I have time to "check-in".  Also, I don't want to sign up to a third party service, I barely trust Google with my data and accept it as a evil necessity.
While I can understand your desire to move latitude to g+ you are a Google employee and you have been using g+ for quite some time I assume. For the rest of the world that does not use g+ this is quite annoying.
I hate to say it but I feel g+ is probably yet another failed social network. It's not going to help to simply force it on us by moving other services to it that we do use. Even if it does make sense as far as the social perspective goes, I don't know many people who ever use g+ and I don't want to force all my friends and family onto it because of a biased group of employees want to cram it down our throat.
Please bring back the old latitude 
From the Android start screen I can access Latitude using Maps with three screen touches. This brings up a list of all contacts with last known locations and time stamps. Google+ Locations requires four or five touches to simply display a map with another touch to display a list of contact names with no location and no time stamp.

The two services are not comparable and Latitude is, objectively, far superior in terms of features and intuitive controls. So there's no argument on that point.

We aren't paying consumers in the traditional sense of paying for a product.

We are, I fear, regarded by Google the company as voiceless freeloaders.

The difference between Reader and Latitude is that Latitude appears to be a unique service which provided whole families and extended family members with a trusted and private service.

Most companies would be proud of that and would cherish the reputational benefits of the trust.

Not, it seems, Google. Is that because of the lack of paid relationship between users and the service? We have to be grateful for what we are given - that seems to be the view of Google.

Life 360 claims to come close but having seen the permissions the Android app demands there's no way I would trust my location data to that company. Scary set of permissions.
There is nothing free on the interwebs. We either pay (1) with our money or (1) with our data and loss of privacy (sometimes both). When it comes to Latitude, we know that we haven't been paying with money, so we've been giving Google our data. If our data is valuable to Google, it will continue to provide the service that we've enjoyed, albeit under a new name (G+ Locations). If not, we should admit the obvious: we have no leverage and grumbling and whinging accomplish nothing.
@Gray Strickland - Not quite.  We know Google values our geo data.  If Maps is of no use to me without the features of Latitude then I have no reason to continue sharing location data with Google (or even have Maps app installed).  Sure I'll still use GMail (for as long as it remains free) and Google search and even G+.  I, like others here, have no objection to G+ Locations, it's the lack of feature parity with Latitude that sucks.  Microsoft made a similar error with the premature closure of Messenger, forcing people on to Skype when Skype's IM features are basic at best.  I lost Messenger, but I and my Messenger buddies didn't take up Skype.  Perhaps, that's what will happen with Latitude, we will forget it ever existed and we just text each other to get a timely location update.  Companies that provide services for free in return for our data have a corporate and social responsibility because they impact how a society adapts to their services.  It is not right for a company to change the behavior of a group of people through a free service and then take that service away because it's not making money.  Why was Latitude created in the first place?  
Here's another oddity. I am sharing my location to public, just as I do with all my posts on G+. However, while people can access my posts even if they are not logged in to G+, they cannot see my position on my profile unless they are logged in. Which seems to say that Google really isn't interested in providing people with a service equivalent to Latitude (and maybe just make things easier for Google by unifying it all under a common platform), but the intent pretty clearly seems to be dragging people into G+. No wonder people don't feel good about the change.
Thanks again for the replies, folks! I've been away from the computer for about a week now and will again be away for a while but hoped I could answer some questions that I saw from people.

+Kevin Dunseath, +Jack Bunce, et al In Latitude, when looking at yourself on a map, as I've pointed out before, the location your placard was at was not representative of where others saw you. We understand the need to be able to see yourself on a map in proximity to your friends so thanks for pointing this out again and again but its worth noting that this is not any indicator that Latitude or G+ has a better algorithm for others seeing your placard. It still gets updated based on our reporting algorithms. (PS Kevin, Latitude hasn't used GPS for location updates in years, only wifi signals or if a different app was using GPS at the same time we tried to grab a fix).

+Ben Petro if you can private message me with a bit more detail I can make sure we have a bug report filed. It sounds a bit like another bug we saw recently but I'd be happy to take a look.

+Jon Conley we plan to continue working on G+Location for the forseeable future, which means you'll see it get better with every release.

+Ryan Snook we're doing our best to fix this sort of problem without causing too much battery drain. Twenty minutes of delay for an update while you were moving is significantly longer than it should take to update.

+Norm Mosley just because a location on a map is 48 minutes old doesn't mean it is inaccurate. The person could be sitting on their couch reading a book. That said, there are approaches we're looking at improve the indication that a location is still accurate even if the user is stationary.

+Paul Newport the G+ app doesn't do location broadcasting, only the android location services (or maps if you haven't updated yet). Also, I'm sorry to hear about your battery issues. Have you used the "send feedback" menu item to let us know that you're seeing this sort of problem? 

+Gareth Davies thanks for the compliments and the passionate feedback. It was I among others who decided that we needed to put our efforts into G+Location  in order to provide the best service with the highest level of security and privacy for our users. Google is a company made up of many people of many types but we all hope you'll see with every release, improvements to this new service. PS. I just counted: G+ launcher icon, G+ drawer button, Location menu item. three. :)

+Julian Bond while I personally spend about 80% of my non-work time on non-desktop devices, I still totally understand the need for a G+ location web presence. As you know, we have locations in users profiles, so we are paying attention to that space. Even though I spend a lot of time away from desktops doesn't mean everyone does.

+Nathan Byloff bwa ha ha!

+Andy Burke, +David Wainwright, et al look for upcoming releases, one of our top efforts right now is improvements to how you consume other people's locations, to make sure they're relevant and useful.

+Phillip Dampier its pretty difficult to run two services at the same time. As one of the oncall engineers for Hangouts and Latitude, i can tell you that running two services at once is probabaly three times as hard as running two. We felt that we'd be able to get quicker feature parity and better newer features by cutting over now than waiting.

+Julian Bond we're well aware of the disparity between checkins and location reporting and the fact that they're pretty inconsistent right now but again, as I've stated before; it wasn't reasonable to keep both services running indefinitely while trying to move our code and product to a platform that can integrate across all of Google.

+Nathan Byloff thanks for that suggestion! Given we have a reviews tab in profiles, I could see something like that working. Its still a matter of time and code though and as you can see, we've got a lot on our plate to work on already!

+André Spiegel known issue. Its in our queue.
+Joe LaPenna thanks for the update Joe. I have Galaxy Nexus and several times I have checked, my location is still at where I left after a 10-15 minute drive and after 10-15 minutes of being at home when I look.

Also my wife and mom-in-law also have the Galaxy Nexus and their location reporting occasionally disables on its own, every few weeks I have to enable for them, this has been an issue with Latitude.

Regarding Latitude having your place card where you are instead of where your friends see you, why not force an update of your location when you are viewing Locations? I always though having Maps open updated your location more frequently.

Hope to see the same features as Latitude incorporated into G+, like stale list, last update time, accuracy circles, and maps features like layers and double tap zoom features.

Thanks again.
Methinks we need a better way of saying "web browser" without mentioning "desktop". Laptops, Netbooks, Chromebooks are all portable and not necessarily used on desks! "Desktop" implies a non-portable PC which are more boring, don't move much but no less common. The point is still that there is a need for plain old HTML location services as well as in mobile device apps. And G+ ought to reflect that by offering the location specific parts in the plain html interface and not just the mobile device apps.

But then, I'm repeating myself.
+Julian Bond I agree, the enterprise world (outside of Google that is) still operates around the concept of a desktop (or a workstation computer, even if it is a laptop).
I was using desktop and laptop synonymously. 
Joe, thank you for your replies - they are much appreciated.

People are passionate about Google products and it is rare for a company to be invited as a trusted entity in to private and family life. Latitude has captured something unique. I hope Google appreciates that and doesn't squander the trust that few other companies can even come close to winning. Reader was one thing but Latitude is about trust. I wouldn't trust Life360 with my private data.

I hope that on or just before August 9 you can release an updated version of Google+ Locations that provides at least some of the extra functionality currently only provided by Latitude - at least time passed since last location update (please) and, hopefully, a setting for frequency of updates (which the Latitude API allows for example through Backitude). Even if the code is far from perfect and a bit flaky something will be better than nothing. At least time stamps ;-)

If you work for a company that listens to its coders and engineers then, wow as well as producing products like Latitude, you have the dream job. Please use some of that influence to make sure that the gap between decommissioning latitude and commissioning a fully functioning Google+ Locations is not too big.
The terrible train crash in Spain reminded of another use my friends and family have for Latitude.  When we see something terrible like that and we know people that might be affected we check their Latitude locations.
Without time stamps on the locations, Google+ Locations are pretty much useless - please add this ASAP.

With Latitude I can open the app right to the friends list and see the location and there ages. I use this multiple time every day.

When my daughter had a car accident and was too frazzled to tell me where she was Latitude was able to navigate directly to her current location.
This is how I use Latitude, not for social interaction or checking in at places.
I frequently check Latitude from my computer and other devices. I am going to miss this ability with Goggle+ locations.
Losing Latitude and all of its features and simplicity is a deal breaker to me, it was one of the few features that kept me on android. I don't use social networks, I have accounts for google+ and facebook but don't goto or use them. As well as for emergency situations it was handy for pick daughter up from unfamiliar city center when she goes on a night out. Apples alternative looks quite good. Will have to have a look for my next upgrade
We're 2 days away from the deadline and
- Latitude seems to be terminally broken so it might as well be turned off.
- I can't find any way of checking in or playing with GG+ location from a desktop browser
- The new Maps preview on desktop has no "locate me" button like the one that Classic maps has.
- The release of the iOS app that might contain check ins is IOS 6 and upwards. So my old iPod Touch can't play because it's a generation too old and is stuck on iOS 5.
- Help still says the iOS replacement that can play with location is "coming soon". Is it coming soon, already here, or what?
Will the Latitude name be freed up too now?  Can developers use it to recreate and market a replacement service with the same name?
Can not understand what Google are doing. They shut down RSS Reader. Then wize off-line support on Google Maps. Now they removed Latitude from Google Maps. It worked on any platform and either with older phones, even with old Nokia phones.

I have tryed Google+'s Location, but it wasn't in my taste and forced to use battery hungry Google+ under it (like Facebook or other SoMe apps) it is not for me.

I would like to hear the reasons for this unwize Google moves. Is it for money or why you make so many mistakes in short times?
I'm advising all my friends and family to not invest too much in Google now as I have no confidence in which services might be closed down.

thanks for all your hard work on Latitude, it was a great service and very useful to me. Here are some regressions with the G+ service compared to Latitude (i don't know where else to report these):

(1) my wife hit the bug described by JoAnn Brereton on this page: . Found a fix at (or ) but it requires a rooted phone and she has a stock install..

(2) need to see time since last update

(3) precision bubbles around the person

(4) my wife went to the new place for Location History but it was blank

(5) i can't find the web version for the G+ locations

(6) i would like the mobile Locations map integrated with Google Maps so i can use all of the various Google Maps features

+Bayle Shanks Thanks for the links, I too have the blank tiles problem on my HTC One and Nexus 7.  The quality of software testing seem to lower these days at Google in the rush to monetize.
Well, the day has come. The website is now offline to Europe.  You now HAVE TO use an Android smartphone to use the ONLY Google app that lets your view your friends' locations with fewer features and a lesser user experience.  

Sad day and my wife is close to tears. What is she supposed to do with an iPhone and desktop browser to see our kids locations... I thought Google said replacments would be ready for all platforms... And on Android no time at location, no satellite layers, etc., etc....
I think this opens the field up for others to have a family GPS locating service so we can see where our loved ones are.  I don't mind paying for a good service that reports positions and has a webpage with a map and an android ap.
Moving the G+ app to \system didn't work on my HTC One.  I have tried using ADB shell and Titanium Backup methods.  

So no Latitude and Locations in G+ fails to render a map.  This is a complete farce.  
I think Joe needs more colleagues to help him upgrade Google+ locations... * calls V. Vaughn & O. Wilson * ;-)

All jokes aside, I think it's clear that we would love to see some of the old Latitude features added to Google+ soon. Any chance you can give us more insight in the development roadmap? Which features are planned to be added and when can we expect the next release?

P.S. if you need beta testers, let us know!
+Bayle Shanks For #5 on your list (web version), pull up a persons profile on Google plus. If they are sharing their location with you, it will say "Currently in" whatever city.

Click on the link and it will launch Google maps with the location shown
+Erick Engel That's fine if you want to view one person's location, but if most Latitude users are like me, they'll want to view groups of people on the map in the web version.  With time stamps.
+Mosh Jahan Good point. Didn't think of that.

I had a hard enough time finding the "one person" location  link that I mentioned so I wanted to point that out to others so they didn't have to hunt for it.

But very true, it doesn't help if you want to see everyone at once.
Monumental cock-up by Google.  The map does not even render in G+ for me.  (And no, making G+ a system app does not fix it.)
So farewell then, Latitude. It's sad that Google didn't manage to release a viable alternative before you were closed down.
Why have you retired Latitude before getting the IOS Google Locations out?  Seems you are trying to force us to find something else?  

Also, I tried Locations on Android and it really isn't that good.  It doesn't show the age of the location data so you have no idea whether its up to date or not.  

I appreciate this service is free, but seems bit of a fail to me?
We need a Facebook/Twitter campaign to get Google to listen.  I say G+ campaign too  but not sure if there are enough 'ordinary' users on G+ to reach out to.

All weekend long it's asked me to "add Friends" to my map. I've already added my wife and kids but with IOS devices cannot see any location information at all and was able to prior! What a step back...
Latitude feeds Google Now. But I cant edit the locations (someone are false) because no have an API.
Sorry for the delay in updates. As you can imagine its been a busy couple weeks. During the turndown we had a few hiccups, the location history website was down for a couple of hours, for example. This along with a couple of other issues have been taking up a lot of our time. Its been a really weird week, deleting pretty much all the work I've done in the past four years has been both heartbreaking and exhilarating.

While I've been focusing on the shutdown and cleaning up the code mess we made, our lead Andrew along with the rest of the team has been trying to address many of the features you've been asking about. We still haven't been able to get the release out the door but have been testing it internally and hope just as much as you do that we ship it quickly.