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Since Twitter's still a bit in an out, I'm gonna share a couple posts over here and see what happens. First one:
I know this is a "viral video" and I'm a sucker for posting it, but it's pretty cool and fits under the umbrella of what
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i mean, you might as well cross-post here at least. can't hurt!
I'm glad you're posting here, I hope you keep it up. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to comment on your blog. 
This seems like a Top Gear item, and it is on the Top Gear test track... but no sign of the usual suspects.   Maybe they just rented the track?   
Not Top Gear, although you may be right about the track. I got it directly from a MB PR person. {hangs head}   Dunsfold does get used for a lot of go-fast activities that aren't Top-Gear related, so it isn't too surprising.  But I bet the people at BBC are wishing they had thought of this one first... and then, "shouldn't the Merc run into a caravan at the end of the track!??"
thanks for sharing them here, I would love to have them here all the time then I have one less thing in my rss that I always forget to keep up with
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