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I eat <code> i poop $;APPS...TRY me!
I eat <code> i poop $;APPS...TRY me!

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Sorry to be a little off topic and jokey, but you guys are the best audience for this post... I'm just going to leave these concept book covers here for your consideration #someTruthHere  
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Check out #'VanillaList - a collection of #JavaScript modules / libraries and such which are written in vanilla JS, no dependencies on third party libraries such as jQuery etc.

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Which CMS?
I always get asked which CMS to use for various projects, and having used a great many can offer some good advice. Consider the following scenarios: 
I need a simple blog:
Then you need WordPress, simply because it is well supported and scalable, as well as easy to set up / throw a template on.
I need a cms for a simple site I have designed myself:
You should look at Silver Stripe. All the templates are very easy to create, the CMS is easy to use, and you get many features for creating standard pages, without the bloat of wordpress.
I need a cms that displays my bespoke items (eg. team members, locations, listings) and / or lots of forms:
Your probably going to experiment with Drupal in this case. Joomla is also an option.
I need a simple e-commerce cms:
Definitely consider opencart - it separates the templates nicely. If your going to sell something use a purpose built cms for e-commerse.
I need a large or complex CMS
Magento is a resource hog, with a complex admin, but it has lots of extensions, and features.
I am a developer and need something I can hack quickly and easily with my own code:
You probably want a framework like Code Igniter, Zend, or Yii. I recommend one with built in CRUD (create, read update delete), these can save a bunch of time.
of course there are many other things to consider.. always consult a professional first

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Am looking for Kenyan based coders for a boot camp event coming soon ,please contact me for more info !

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75 % off ! Getting online just got easier and cheaper in Kenya with hakikahosts,Check out !

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Continued- Recommendation to Prevent Cash in Transit Heist
 f.Emolument Improvements-  Salaries in the sector need to be improved to at least comply with the statutory minimum wages. Fredrick Taylor, the father of scientific management, believed that money was what workers wanted more than anything else. If manager...
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