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You know you're a nerd when...

So, I've had a blank Das Keyboard for a while now and I really enjoy it.

Because it's essentially a standard PC keyboard the Control & Command keys needed to be swapped, easy enough... System Preferences, Keyboard, 'Modifier Keys' and specify the swap.

There were a couple issues that annoyed me and I finally fixed them today thanks to an oddly named piece of questionably supported software :/

Aside from my initial doubts the reality is actually pretty good.

I printed some stickers, overlaid some packing tape, cut into small squares and applied to the keyboard.   Partially because I kept having issues finding the right symbols, #, $, etc.

One of the issues is where the 'PC Key' is located, another is where the num-lock is and the equals key doesn't work on the 10-key.

And for good measure I added some frequently used apps to the first few F-keys, I love having a Panic button  :P  
I likely add more later if I find I like using them, I have been using them today.

Well, if anyone has an original Das Keyboard and are using on a Mac here is the XML file I made for the specific things I wanted... it's still half baked, I will add / change some things as I use it more.

That's all for now, let me know you have any questions.
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Color differences in Safari from Chrome and Firefox are annoying.

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get in the boat

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always all over the genre map.
this one is a little extra crazy.
30 songs, tracked out on the new mixcloud app is kimd of awesome, but you can download a better quality version directly to a mobile device using a podcast app and subscribing to

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music, movement, words.  a new mix.
#mixtape   #compilation   #music  
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