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Help me plant fruit #trees around the world! I am going to buy fruit trees to be planted for every share this post gets up until midnight tonight PST. Share away!
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I will share it but do not need the tree. Planting those myself already. Give it to some poor folks who would benefit from it and enjoy the food.. 

Nice one to share b.t.w.
I would share it, but I think you've probably racked up more of a bill than you expected already.  :P
Don't forget: if you have to choose the planting site, be sure it gets plenty of light and water.
you bought 572 units of the same species of trees? can know that you do with that amount of trees is a micro enterprise for philanthropic aid?
many tres witch will need lot of manure.i wll like to help but exclud me in the manuring part.
I'll plant two in my yard Jerry! I am in Ventura California, it is what we do, other than all vegetables    :)
Ok ,i have planted 2orange trees immediately after reading yours
There a lots dogs and carts we need to take of ,how many of you will help me ?
I want to help too!!! Count me in. Make it 5.
The no of people that volunteer are not enough ,we really need to resetlle this animals
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