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I will plant a fruit tree for every share this posts gets up to 1,000. The trees will be planted worldwide through the organization Trees for the Future ( Please help me plant these trees for our future.

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Paula G
wow i love to help ok i will share this post to help
Paula G
wow your an angel we need more people
like you +Jerry Stone tell you what i will plant 2 trees at my moms this week
Thank you everyone, I just like to buy trees...and it is more fun to find out who is with me. You guys are the best.
Paula G
you stared something good jerry and i will follow
love your great idea thanks
Do you really need votes to plant trees? I don't think so...
This reminds me of "like this so this kid will be cured" posts i left on Facebook.
Trees are great planting many new trees in England this year for.the Jubilee.
I love how supportive you guys are, thanks! w00t for trees.
Show me d result 6months from now.. ;D what kind of trees r u planning to plant, sir? 
U guys who say bad stuff about this are stupid! Why do we plant trees? Cause we need OXYGEN! People constantly cut down trees to make paper and someday all the trees will be gone. We are planting trees to get oxygen and safe the earth!
It doesn't seem that planting trees in Brazil will help anything.  They are intent on deforesting the country.  It's not a shortage of trees, it's a shortage of intelligence.
Dude u may just be wasting ur time but watevs its ur life not mine
It's not stupid to plant trees. What's annoying is conditioning one's desire to plant trees to shares and plus 1. If you want to plant trees, just do it...
Someday d day gets hotter till a chocolate bar in ur pocket melts.. Happened to me diz evening.. ;D deliciousooo.. Hahaha 
i love trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs tree xoxoxoxoxoxo
I'm so with you! Now I wanna plant some trees. :D (Also shared this post)
for muy birthday I am going to plant an orange tree. 
Scottsdale Arizona 
All paper or publications are original came from trees.

Plant another fruit tree my friend.
love trees!!   plant one for me..
For my post plant a cherry tree. Plz and thx.
Jerry Stone is a winbot right now. I think this idea is cool so plus thingy button him or die.
Definitely sir! Shared!
I love weeping willows plant one of those for me please.
I have always donated to plant trees. Earlier this year I started using social media to determine how many I donate each week. I do this because I love to engage with people who share my concern for the planet. You are all amazing, thank you for the support.
This is kinda "weird", why you NEED peoples to share this so YOU "can" plant a fruit tree?
How about Marijuana cultivation and the we can all share a (post) joint !!!
You must have plenty of money for all these trees!
I always wanted my whole lawn to be comprised of very densely planted venus flytraps. Not sure if it's possible but I think its cool and I'm always right. Can't afford it though so I had to settle on planting wysteria and ivy near the same tree, to watch the battle.
Shared.... Truely appreciate ur efforts jerry... Keep up the good work. Cheers !
I like your idea but lets take it one step higher lets plant 2000 trees

People that follow me can tolerate a share , if not I dont care to be followed by them. Trees are good. Never seen a better reason to spam g+ then to get trees planted. 

Btw what happens when it goes viral with like 75m shares? You gonna keep your word and plant 75 million trees?
Why do you need help? Why not just plant 1,000 trees? You don't need shares to do this.
Try more then 1,000 trees to make an effect for others to look at. 1,000trees around the world isn't much
its just a start, but soon she will have to
I've planted many things this past 2yrs.
Chris is soo right just plant the trees 
I think sharing this is great, it gets spread to other circles and more people will see it.

Also, I don't understand the bitching, it's not like you guys are out there donating to plant trees worldwide, give the guy a break.
Just plant the damn trees.
Lol the people that cut down trees in the USA plant 3 trees for one tree that they cut down. Lol don't be so dumb to say that we cut down trees without putting them back. Maybe other country's don't care. But we do.
Yeah it doesn't look like 1,000 trees are getting planted any time soon
It's just the beginning and that is more than you can say!
Yeah, I agree with everyone that questions why you really need shares to plant trees. Not saying planting trees is bad, but wouldn't we all be better served with more information as to why we should ALL strive to plant 1000 trees?
Shared, hope you reach your goal
I would if i could 
I love people like you. This is also giving homes to animals and I'll do it at Myrtle Beach too! Thank you sir.
Don't forget drought tolerant trees
._. Isn't it just tempting to see if all these trees are ACTUALLY planted?
Here's one one share. Now what about if I share to each circle separately, will each one add on?
Used to be when John Denver was alive, he wrote a song that had the lyrics go:  "Plant a tree for your tomorrow...."  Trees filters the wasted air we breathe out and revitalize oxygen into the atmosphere.  We can benefit much from trees.  They shelter living things into a balance ecosystem.  We also need wood for our future homes, which is not going to happen within decades to come.  Can you honestly say human civilization can thrive on synthetic materials to build and clothe?
I've shared to help out in such a small way. All the best to you and your efforts.
Before I was paralyzed, I helped plant trees many times, it's a wonderful thing to go back years later and see them. Now I have to help in non-physical ways. Does this sharing thing actually work?
Wysteria crushed ivy out at about ten feet. Hoping it does the same to the abandoned house near my property line, where I planted a bushell. I really gotta learn to quote people if my app even has the functionality.
Please plant a tree for me and another for my daughter.. please and thanks...
Totally rad dudets

I love it and trees
Good luck. I've already shared. What you are doing a good deed, yes it is
i have planted many trees and i am trying to make the world a green place!
We will never stop doing good for the world! Consider this post, shared!
I will share it once a day, this way you'll have more work to do :D
It's a good idea for the future of fresh air.
I'll admit it u shared this post so you had to plant another tree. Lol
excellent idea.come on ad get it done.
I support trees of the future!What a great idea for a cause.

Nices work! But please do it don't just say it
smart thing to do i like that
lol thats funny lolz!!!!!:)
I wished I could economically transplant and transport my giant mango tree to someone who could make good use of it.
I love tree's! They're useful for so mant things and I don't mean furniture. Food and shelter for people and animals. I plant a couple each year. Good luck to YOU!
no thanks trolol lollo lolo lo lo!
Tree planting is hard so im not doing it but i hope someone helps you
thats exacly how i feel! nothing is ever "hot" in "whats hot"
What a wonderful thing to do especially planting trees that produce. How about throwing in a little medical marijuana. Lol
I will also plant a tomato tree in my backyard for U! I hope people will do the same.Good Idea Mr.Stone!    this ones 4 U,  Angela                                                           
Hey all, I will post a link to the reciept when the trees are purchased. I always show proof. It is SO AMAZING to see this community here...I am new to Google Plus, thank you for making it fun.
Is this a joke? Just plant the trees and stop looking for reshares.
Great idea. Inspired now, how about for every +1 on my comment I will have a bottle of beer!! Recycle after of course ;-)
WOW WOW, such a great response from everyone. You guys rock!
I ll too plant som tree soon. It vry noble of u.
I am representing a tree!!!!! yaya
Yeah I love this peace to you man!
I shared your post and thanks its awesome what your doing
That is a great way to help the enviorment!! :D :D Thanks to all the people in the world who are doing a little bit each day to make our world better, and greener too. Good luck with your goal of 1,000 trees!! Hope you reach it!! :D
I hope you have so many trees to plant that you don't get any sleep!
Could you possibly plant some opium trees near the trailer park near my house so I don't have to keep shooting at people trying to steal stuff?
Thats wats up save the earth!!! Yay!!
u should try to plant 2,000 trees instead :)
Gud idea i'll help yu 2 plant as many trees,coz trees give us oxygen.
..include idiot proof directions for processing and cutting and pictures of the "wart freezing agent" that they can use as their ether source.
shared :)  Please post pics I think this is awesome :D
Watching a tree grow is like watching a child that you've been nurturing your entire life grow.
Trees are so much easier to give away though.
Great idea every little helps.
May God bless you, for what you doing is a good thing..
You're so new and yet so popular. Love what you're doing! Lemme know if you need someone to road trip and help plant some trees!
I LOVE oranges! Please plant orange trees.
Great, I dea. Keep the faith, we. Sure need the. Oxygen. Thanks!!!
Great idea I hope u plant tones ad tones of trees it is a great idea 
y r u gonna hug a tree thts wht my lil bro ask an i just sigh
Good for u Jerry....I think its really great that your doing this!
Thank you everyone! 1,000 to buy them now
Hey im still new to this sooo how do u share a post?
it looks like you already got 1000. are you stopping or it needs to keep going?
i am with you becca.i just started this google+ thing. so  confused.:l
add another share! and a tree..
Jerry I have 1,000 trees in my yard that I am cutting down. I am going to plant soy beans...the deer and rabbits are going to love it. The  fowl flying through this fall will congregate and fatten up for their journey...and the cows and the people will all share in the bounty....
If he really cared he'd plant the trees without the g+ bribe.
Stop Society who believe that chopping down the Rain Forests will help them. It won't. It will be the Beginning of the End and a Great Loss not just of the Forest but those People Who have Lived in in for Generations. Help Them.
For each tree planted - note the exact GPS coordinates, and publish them so that, throughout the coming years, as Google updates their geo photos, one can zero in on an exact tree to see how well it's doing. 
this is great! we must keep up the good work
Why not just plant those trees? Whats the use of this much fanfarr?
to spread awareness of this organization.
My friend and i are tree lovers. We hav been trying to help save the planet in anyway that we can and i think what your doing is great!!!!!
i love tree planting :) it helps to save us and our planet earth :D keep moving and planting..
hug a tree! you'll never be lost!! ;) 
i'll post a comment! oh right. i already did.
Congratulations you reached 1000! I wish I could share but I haven't gotten the chance to get on a computer darn. I will as soon as possible though!
i ll plant a banana tree to share with all ppl
i ll plant a banana tree to share with all ppl
Wow! I'll definitely share this post!
as of when i saw this, there's already 1200 shares
Great service to humans. May God give you more than your wishes.
Just helped to plant over 100 trees in Finesville, NJ at the site of a dam removal.
It's a good idea and great for the environment.

Thank you! You are awesome!

~Kion Tupper
Yeah right, what a load of bull! If you feel passionate about, then go do it yourself. Armchair protesting is pathetic. You click on a button then think something will happen just because someone posted it on G+ or FB.
If you have the ability, why don't you just go ahead and plant 1000 trees? What does the amount of shares on a social network have to do with that?
i say DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT.................!
+Jennifer Archibald call me skeptical about this guy because this guy gamed Digg when it was popular and now seems to be making his home here now too. I view this as having some serious ulterior motives.
more air!
+1 for all us tree-huggers and planters!!! YAY!
Why he shares? Because you should do the same! And you know what? It worked - u mad? Thanks +Jerry Stone .
More trees! Is a shortage of trees really going to be a problem in the future? Think about it. How many people are using paper to post their comments. How many news reporting agencies have gone digital or bankrupt for that matter? Sure co2 will likely be lowered, as trees eat co2. But really - when we run out of oil, that will go away. As for mother earth, she takes care of herself. Who do you think cleans up the pollutants of the earth and tree killers? Mass plagues, aids, etc! All the work of our great mother earth.
yes please, I wish we would all plant just one tree even in your back yard. I am in the process of building a home and having many trees both fruit trees and regular trees are all over my plans. My new home will be in the Philippines but I have other homes in Florida which have trees all over. There is a big issue here in Philippines with Illegal cutting of trees and the President has sent troops to stop them but many are throwing them into the river going down stream and they are going to stop that too.
Where are you planting these trees...will they
hey my litle bb is jerry a mejia thats berry good man
i would love to have a butterfly bush
I love trees people cut them down even if they are healthy that crazy tree are our source for fresh air 
Thats cool that you're doing that.
Plant,plant and do it again and again.
I LOVE what ur doing. it's a great idea!! :)
I have a better idea, lets plant cannabis instead. We can help relieve the pain of cancer and MS patients. Chill the world out a bit. Eliminate the deficit, produce lots clean air, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and free up prison space. All while making the world a kinder gentler place
Keep planting those trees & I will share this. Thx
Man we need to see a picture of all those trees! The idea is awesome but the space to plant them is probably less cool... keep planting! ;-)
and i vow to cut an old tree every day as well and burn it with friends
Thank you for such a wonderful undertaking!! In memory of my lifes soulmate!!
lame!  try bringing back a whole entire forest back and its animals dip wad
Its one of the first times sharing something actually helps the world become a better place
I'll share this for a tree. God bless you.
"Haven't I been 'tailin' you...?"
Lemme know if you need help planting. Of course, I'm in Oregon where there are more trees than people.
Good I will also plant a tree even day
Plant one for me. As as i'm able i'll plant one too!
wonderful, plant one for me, please! i'll plant one at home
Kat TC
Go trees!
yes. i will plant trees this monsoon too....
The trees you are planting are monoculture plantations species.....
Did you read the fine print? Did you read about project partners? Did you google the species they were using? 

Trees for the Future is not about revegetation or rehabilitation it is about timber production. Personally I love timber plantations, and I think they are very effective method of conserving rainforests.....
but I doubt monoculture is what you thought you were getting yourself into.
Dont think for a second that these trees will be in the ground for any longer than 20 years. 50% of the trees will be cut down at 30% of rotation age (approx 6 years) and most likely either burnt on site or sold for firewood. Those that survive to 20 years, only the very best have the chance of making it into veneer, the rest will be used for pulp.

#monoculture   #forestry   #pulp  #timber #phenotypicvariation #slash   
Awwww plant some trees :) I want more tree I live in the desert it's just hot dirt covered in dirt :)
it is one of the best idea for having green earth
Another idea for a green earth -
- This is an idea from my father long ago, and the quote reminds me of - "Drinka Pinta Milka Day" 
(Ogilvy in the 1950's, i think)
Please steal this idea and grow it !
"Please help me plant these trees for our future."  Help you..?  Bollocks.  If you want to plant the trees, you will do so - it's not like me posting some words from the other side of the planet is going to magically put a seed in the ground.
Good on you for trying to do a good thing, but do try not to be disingenuous.
If not a mono culture, you have my blessings. There is less than 9% of old growth left, and the timber piggies want it too!! These people have no conscious. So keep up the GOOD work my friend!!!
I escape from facebook because of posts like this!
The wealth of the nation is its air, water, soil, forests, minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans, scenic beauty, wildlife habitats and biodiversity… that’s all there is. That’s the whole economy. That’s where all the economic activity and jobs come from. These biological systems are the sustaining wealth of the world. SAVE PLANET EARTH.. GO GREEN
you go talk about making a difference. keep it up
i saw you worked at discovery channel when is shark week
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your responds, regarding for your request I will very like to assist you in saving world of through of the nature conservation, I have developed an inwrought concept for the mentioned with strategy of New World Strategy for the Conservation of The nature for Rural Economic Development consisted of:
1.     Program to rehabilitate and restructuring of land of through integrated technology and management  application and the inwrought of Soil Improvement being based on Healthy, Expandable, Sustainable philosophy and Losses of Base of Management Concept.
2.    Creating and developing efficient, productive and effective machine and equipment’s, for soil improvement.
3.    Program to conservation and rehabilitate forest with productive crop which can yield bio energy, source of food and source of substance of organic for land fertilization without having to cut away tree, with concept of Integrated Agro Forestry being based on Integrated Eco Tourism and community development.
4.    Program for training and education for the improvement quality of human resource to increase the farm management and awareness as realistic and strategic step for the conservation acceleration, rehabilitate of the nature for restructuring and the acceleration of rural economic development base on natural preservation.
5.    Program productive crop development, being based on multi effect player and esthetics consisted of.
a.       Walnut Sunan      ---à Bio Diesel (oil content 50% s/d 60%) and carbon absorbtion.
b.      Walnut                   ---à Food, Vegetable Oil and carbon absorbtion.
c.       Canary                    ---à Food and carbon absorbtion.
d.      Nutmeg                 ---à Food, Vegetable Oil and carbon absorbtion.
e.      Clove                       ---à Food, Vegetable Oil and carbon absorbtion.
f.        Gnemon gnetum ---à Food, carbon absorbtion.
g.       Horticulture           ---à Food, carbon absorbtion.
h.      Cacao                       ---à Food, carbon absorbtion.
i.         Coffee                 ---à Food, carbon absorbtion.
j.        Etc
I await your information how us can synergy and each other assist.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Best regards,

good job planting trees is a great idea.But wh r u putting conditions like "share and for every share u'll plant a tree. don't wait for the "share" thing. Go ahead and plant as many trees you can
Thank you for what you do. I can't help with donations but I am very happy to hear of this program. Keep up the good work.

Go Trees! I love this whole idea.
rlly good idea its good to that ppl care about the trees and everything to do with nature and wildlife and things like that.WELL  DONE!
that is so great of u! someone needs to give that guy a award or something!
i will  be greatfull to you for doing such a great thing
Not a bad idea! keep it up! 
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