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Jerry James Stone

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1. GOP cuts funding for embassy security in 2011.
2. Benghazi.
3. GOP spends millions trying to frame Clinton.

There you go, Benghazi in a nutshell. Can we move on now?
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So what you're saying is that is the government's fault. Let's stop putting sociopaths in charge of our money yeah? Or are you gonna argue "we just have to put the right people in power"?
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Jerry James Stone

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Are you funny? Do you like cash, food, and politics?

I am looking for someone to help me write a short script for an upcoming video I am producing. It's about politics and food. Your political affiliation makes no difference, as long as you can tear Trump an new one and love to eat. Send me a private message if you are interested. I will only respond there.

Those that have script writing experience are preferred.
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i am interested work with you and i give you short story.
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Jerry James Stone

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duuuude! sweet!
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Jerry James Stone

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Please join me tomorrow at noon PST for a live cooking show on Twitter and Periscope. I will be making this Black Bean & Roasted Corn Veggie Burger with Avocado Fries and Chipotle Aioli.
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Jerry James Stone

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At first glance I missed the 'R' in crock, which gives this a very different meaning.
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Jerry James Stone

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When your house smells like this...
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Jerry James Stone

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Jerry James Stone

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Awesome cookbook and on sale today! #PrimeDay
So get your arse #BacktotheKitchen with Freddie Prinze Jr. 
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Jerry James Stone

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Your America has not changed.

What you see has always been there. Racial injustice is part of our culture. This is not new. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn't magically make being black in America okay. The KKK still exists for fucksake.

And the fact that #BlackLivesMatter does not mean that all lives do not matter. It just means that when blacks serve longer sentences for the same crime compared to whites, or that when unarmed black men are 5-times more likely to be shot by a cop than an unarmed white guy, we have a gross social imbalance.

And not just for blacks. We just gave women a political voice less than 100 years ago. It still floors me that they could not vote until the 1920s. Yet they still make $.70 on the dollar compared to men. Oh, and that whole rape culture thing, that we perpetuate.

While I am on that topic, there is no such thing as consensual sex. There is sex and there is rape. That is all.

But America has not changed. No proverbial switch has been flipped. This America has always been here. These injustices, and the many others I didn't list, are part of our country.

What has changed is the media.

Information used to be fed to us by the guys in charge. Broadcasters, journalists, and every part of the news cycle decided what we knew. But the internet has changed that. Blogs started scooping the networks. And social media has taken that even further.

Now every person with a smartphone is a news outlet. We can post photos, videos, or even livestreams of what America is. Sometimes this is just a cooking show or a cute cat video, but sometimes it is so much more.

If you sit back, thinking OMG America is so much different now, you are missing the point. If you pin this on a politician or a group of politicians, you are missing the point. These flaws are nothing new.

But we can fix them. We are learning what they are. Information is a scary but beautiful thing.

I ask of you, please do not focus on what America was. As good as she is, we have some rough roads ahead.

Let's focus on what she can be. 
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Wow! I'm very moved. Thank you so much for your sense and your attitude. We need more of this!
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Jerry James Stone

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A Medical Marijuana update.

I been taking medical marijuana for a year now and thought I would update everyone on the progress. Let me set the stage a bit. I am not much for drugs. Those that know me well, know that I didn't even drink until I was 25 and I never tried any drugs until I was 27. When I drink, I rarely get buzzed. I just don't drink for that reason. It's more of a flavor thing than an altered state thing. Just how I roll.

I have had sleeping issues since high school. I finally decided to tackle that last year, you know... decades later. The doctor recommended Zoloft but I really did not want to take that based on what I read, and anecdotal stuff my friends had told me. So I decided to try cannabis instead.

It works well for my insomnia. I sleep well with it.

But there are drawbacks. I started off using edibles because I hate smoking anything. The problem with the edibles is one, the taste. I have yet to try an edible that doesn't feel like I am licking out the inside of a bong. They are just gross.

Then I tried the pills. I really liked these. I got 30MG pills which I cut into threes, bc I don't need much to pass out. Once again, not looking to get stoned, just sleep.

My problem with both the edibles and the pills is dosage consistency. Even at "10MG" I would have to take the pill at 6pm and would still wake up stoned sometimes. I tried countless products and never found one to be consistent.

I just now resorted to smoking again. I dont do much but at least I never wake up stoned. I pass out and I am good. But I hate that I have to smoke it.

I feel if cannabis is going to take root outside of party culture, consistency is the next nut to crack. While I have enjoyed many more nights of sleep since getting my green card, dealing with this has been frustrating.

If you take medical cannabis, I would love to hear your story. 
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+Ian Harrington three hours in, you'd be like, fucking noah!
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Jerry James Stone

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Happy birthday Golden Gate Bridge! One of my fav pics of it. 
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Jerry James Stone

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No regrets!
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Creator, producer and host of the vegetarian food blog, Cooking Stoned, which focuses on simple, gourmet vegetarian recipes that are very San Francisco in style. I have a YouTube cooking show under the same name. My creations can also be found online at Whole Food's Dark Rye, Mother Nature Network and KQED's Bay Area Bites.

I've also been a car and technology writer for Discovery Channel and the producer and main recipe developer for TreeHugger's Green Wine Guide. I've contribute regularly to MAKE magazine. You can also find my work at The Atlantic, and Fodor's Travel Guides.

I studied Computer Engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. During my time there I was a DJ at the campus radio station KCPR and I also wrote for the campus paper, Mustang Daily.

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