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Jérôme Vadon

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A fond le Jérôme. Très sympa!
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Jérôme Vadon

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By popular request : Updated version of " International Guidelines For Problem Solving - v3". 

Can I share this ? YES, feel free to share as you wish (or blog it + FBK/TW link + credits), BUT do no remove my name or use it for commercial purpose. (Interdeposit IDDN FR001500036000RP201300041100) @jeromevadon #jeromevadon
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Jérôme Vadon

Samsung Devices  - 
Noobs question... (Noobs need help).

Galaxy NOTE 2 n7100  / CM-10.1.3-n7100
I finally read all forum, and decided to jump to CM. Install without pb, but Wifi won't work, and as I understood this could be cause by kernel (stock).

I tried NEAK & tor. Still can boot, and everything is fine, but still not WIFI (connection is waiting for hours for "obtaining IP adress" - and nopb from my router or network.)

Any experienced magician to point me out the solution (well any solution would make this dman wifi work :)).

Thanks in advance.
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I may have to reconsider my opinion on this, obviously :-) I am glad it worked for you. 
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Jérôme Vadon

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The European Union is to ban olive oil jugs and dipping bowls from restaurant tables in a move described by one of Britain's top cooks as authoritarian and damaging to artisanal food makers.
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Jérôme Vadon

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Next Level Aerial Filming: the world's first autonomous drone system:  #MadeinFrance
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Jérôme Vadon

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By popular request : Updated version of " International Guidelines For Problem Solving - v3". Twitter @jeromevadon
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Jérôme Vadon

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Devine combien de bonbons j'ai gagnés avec le doodle #googlebirthday : 126
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Designer specialized in Future(s), creativity & brands building. Web & IT expert.W3C&ISOC member.
Design expertise : Vehicles, furnitures, objects and industrial products, packaging, food design, creative process design, user interfaces, innovative products, interior design, web/mobile+apps, graphic design, logo design, name branding and brand strategy.

IT expertise : Next gen web, Social media, OS's, Mobililty, Security, Privacy, Augmented reality & HUD, Drone, Robotics, 3D printing, Bio & Nano technology.

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Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæðið, Islande
Paris, France - Londres, Royaume-Uni
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