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Breaking: European Parliament suspends U.S. trade talks, data sharing over mass surveillance.

The European Parliament has just voted on a comprehensive bill to express its massive disapproval of U.S. mass spying on ordinary citizens. In the bill, it calls for suspension of trade talks, suspension of data sharing, suspension of U.S. corporate rights to European data, and calls for the general principle of only surveilling suspects to be honored. This follows a several-months-long continuous inquiry into United States spying practices.

for our USB driver courses we need to find a USB device with no linux support....

nowdays it's actually pretty hard...

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Mid-2010, somewhere in a secret cave of the Microsoft building.

— My dear Stephen, I'm working very hard. Microsoft is one of the richest company in history, it takes a lot of energy and time to f*** things up.
— I know master Steve, I admire your dedication. In that regards, Windows Vista was genius.
— But one day, I will be too tired to continue to bring this company down. I will need a sucessor.
— Yes ? … Master ?
—I want someone that has a proven record of bringing a successful company to his knees. I want someone who can really continue my work of total destruction.
— I wish I could proove my value, master Steve.
— My dear Stephen, that's what I'm expecting from you. I will send you to one of the most successful companies in the world.
— Yes master!
— They are number one in their fields. They have a huge percentage of the marketshare. They have a trusted brand.
— I will destroy all of that master. When I will leave, that company will be a joke. Everybody will make fun of their products.
— They have hundreds of very innovative engineers, they have a long term vision and interesting prototypes.
— I will fire the engineers and stop the projects, master Steve.
— Their stocks are valuable.
— It will worth nothing in a couple of year, I swear it!
— Good Stephen, good. I trust you. If you achieve that, you will be my successor, you will become Microsoft CEO. Now go at Nokia and show what you can do.
— Give me three years master Steve, only three years.

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Article intéressant pour tout photographe

worth a read for any phtographer

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Escalade St raphael
29 Photos - View album

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A favour, my geeky friends:

gnome-settings-daemon and colord-kde create an ICC profile based on the color information found in the EDID blob. Sometimes the EDID data returns junk, and so the profile is also junk. This can do weird things to color managed applications. I'm trying to find a heuristic for when to automatically suppress the profile creation for bad EDIDs, such as the red primary being where blue belongs and that kind of thing. To do this, I need data. If you could run this command, I'd be very grateful.

for f in $HOME/.local/share/icc/edid-* ; do
    curl -i -F upload=@$f

This uploads the auto-EDID profile to my webserver. There is no way I can trace this data back to any particular user, and no identifiable data is stored in the profile other than the MD5 of the EDID blob. I'll be sharing the processed data when I've got enough uploads. If you think that your EDID profile is wrong (see for details) then I'd really appreciate you also emailing me with the "Location:" output from CURL, although this is completely optional. Thanks!

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because we have some cool new features that (as far as I know) don't exist in any other software
Color Mapping - I'd like to give a few words on a new module named "color mapping" that is currently under development in our master branch. This module is a rework and enhancement of the older "color transfer" module. That older module had several issues which made a migration impossible. So we leave the old one behind as deprecated (old history stack still work as before) and for all new history stacks "color Continue reading

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