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Jeremy A. Williams
I help people with digital and social media strategy
I help people with digital and social media strategy

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I need some help. My Sprint Galaxy Note 4 started resetting itself earlier today. It did it 4-5 times in a row, then I initiated a factory reset. Now, I can't even get it back up and running because it keeps freezing and crashing (like in the picture below). Sometimes the screen messes up like that and other times, it just freezes and resets.

This is my second Note 4 to do this. The last one did this almost exactly a year ago.

Any thoughts?

I have a view that shows me all data associated with a specific subdomain ( and I want to add data from a new, 2nd subdomain ( How can I do that? 

I'm having issues with my Sprint Note 4 on Marshmallow when running Power Saving Mode...

Anyone else running into this issue?

I upgraded my Sprint Galaxy Note 4 to Marshmallow a few weeks ago with the OTA update. One plus is that my battery life seems much better and when I use the Power Saving Mode, it's SIGNIFICANTLY better. However, now, whenever I have the phone in Power Saving mode, Google Play Music doesn't cache music anymore. I'll get one or two songs in and it'll stop playing. I then have to open the app and manually hit play.

Similarly, when I've been in Power Saving mode for a while and I open up Google Play Music, 99% of the music is greyed out and I have to turn off Power Saving mode and Wifi so it connects to Data in order to get the music to show back up. Then I can turn Wifi back on.

Anyone running into this issue? Is it a Samsung issue or does GPM need to update their app to continue pulling data when Power Saving mode is on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - even if it's just a recommendation of who I should get in touch with about this issue.

I've been using Tasker + Secure Settings to run Power Saving mode on my Galaxy Note 4 when the screen is off. It worked beautifully on Lollipop, but since I upgraded to Marshmallow, it doesn't seem to trigger any more. I've even tried changing the trigger in Tasker to every time I load a certain app, but, where it says it's triggering, Power Saving mode doesn't turn on or off. Any suggestions? 

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I'm running into some trouble setting up something specific in a dashboard and I wondered if anyone here has any suggestions.

I want a simple timeline chart that shows me pageviews of a specific page: /resources/xyz.html as well as the total number of downloads of that related resource (Event Label: XYZ Resource), but I can't figure out how to accurately show both on the same chart. Attached is one of the closest things I've come up with.

If I use Page as a filter, it shows no views and no Events. If I use Page Title as a filter, it shows a few of each, but not accurate pageviews. If I get rid of the 4th filter, it shows the proper number of Total Events, but I don't think the pageviews are accurate either.

I love Google Now and use the voice feature for reminders all the time but sometimes using voice doesn't make sense (meetings, etc). If I type "Reminder" into my Google search bar, it pops up the reminders section of google now for me to create a new one.

Does anyone know how I could create a shortcut with Tasker that when I tap on it, it would open up for me to create a reminder?

Is there some shortcut way to add reminders other than via voice or opening Google Now, opening the side menu, selecting Reminders and clicking the + FAB? I'd love a widget, setting, or app that would help with this. 90% of the time I just use voice to add a reminder, but sometimes that isn't appropriate (meeting at work, etc). 

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Here's your chance to win a shopping spree from United State of Indiana!

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Here's a quick video from today's +12 Stars Media​ Day of Wander in Fountain Square
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