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Blog update! 15 Book reviews and an excuse:

The books in question:
The Night Circus; The Spy Who Came In From The Cold; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Sandman Slim; Kill The Dead; Murder On The Orient Express; The Thin Man; The Marriage Plot; Bossypants; Seriously...I'm Kidding; Incarceron; Sapphique; Vanity Fair; The Bad Beginning; The Reptile Room

Text from someone I used to work with:

Them: I met someone today who reminded me of you.
Me: Yeah? In what way?
Them: Just in the way she spoke. And her confidence. And the fact that her last name was Zhang.


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An excellent article on why the Susan G. Komen foundation sucks, has always sucked, and will continue to suck until we stop pretending that buying a pink waterbottle is doing anything meaningful to help fund medical research. And also, that there are other cancers besides breast cancer.

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I have 10 personal emails to reply to, 10 emails to follow up on, over 150 starred posts in GReader and 50 Twitter favourites to write about, over 1,500 unread GReader posts, and 7 unfinished drafts in Wordpress.

I blame the cat.

And work.

But mostly the cat.

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Can I just say that the +Ars Technica G+ page is an example of how to provide added value to readers through social media? It's the only organizational G+ page I regularly read.

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"The brutal irony of femicide is that it is an evil perpetrated against girls by women. The most insidious force is often the mother in law, the domestic matriarch, under whose authority the daughter in law lives. Policy efforts to halt infanticide have been directed at mothers, who are often victims themselves. The trailer shows tragic scenes of women having to decide between killing their daughters and their own well-being. In India women who fail to produce sons are beaten, raped or killed so that men can remarry in the hope of procuring a more productive wife."
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