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Photography gift vouchers
Yes it's that time of year again... when I remind you about photography gift vouchers! While it's too late for sessions in time for Christmas, it's not too late to give the gift of photography :)

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Is it a box, is it a frame? no it's both and I love it :) Announcing the lovely new Portrait Portfolio Box

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Commercial Photography Derbyshire Four Graces Food

A new blog post from a wonderful commercial photography session, with a new Derbyshire based mobile catering business.

Business Portraits in Derby
Having a bit of a rush on business portraits at the moment. This is just one of the lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of working with this month :)

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I have a rather large soft spot for +Pooky Lighting do yourselves a favour and pay them a virtual visit :)

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Family Equine Photography Derbyshire
More from a lovely family equine photography session in Derbyshire, along with a photo of one of the beautiful frames delivered.

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Portrait photography Christmas Deadlines

I know it's only September, but good portrait photography and beautiful products take time...

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Landscape Photography... a lesson in persistence!
I do so admire landscape photographers :)

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Thank you for sharing this +Aspire Photography Training -  it is so right and has stiffened my occasionally wavering resolve regarding digital files! 
Why Print in a Digital Age?

Adam Scorey, ex-photo magazine editor and now Product and Marketing Manager for One Vision Imaging, suggests that if we desert print, the content, the pose or the moment will end up becoming more important than the rest of an image’s ingredients
Why do we take pictures, or why are we commissioned to shoot? Regardless of the client, it’s to capture our memories and remind us of the good, bad and ugly of the world around us. As business owners we strive for quality in all things.
We don’t go into a shop and say, “Can I have your most terrible carrots please?” or “No, I’d rather have the broken down, three-wheel car please, the one with the rust and the dents!” You buy good products. You go on great training courses and you set up a cracking, all-singing-all-dancing website.
So when it comes to your images, what should you do? Send a USB or DVD with your images on it and let the client decide? As the expert, you know what’s best for the client. That’s why you can charge more — you have superior knowledge and expertise in the field..........

For further reading click the link below

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Mercia Marina, Willington, Family Photography Session
A lovely family photography session that would have been even lovelier if I'd remembered insect repellent!
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