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So, posting corporately owned images online is like buying poisoned toothpaste from China. wow, this guys an idiot. I feel bad for whoever has to live in his... uh oh.
“I believe that online theft is a serious issue, and that Congress does need to make certain that the law adequately protects the interests of rights holders. Not only do we need to be concerned about...
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The only thing worse than Saxby Chambliss' terrible name is everything else about him.
I wonder if he has permission to use those images in the header of his web page, of the rolling hills and city skyline.
Someone did a study of PIPA supporters websites and found several copyright violations. It was amusing and not surprising.
And in other news the Justice Department, acting under orders from the folks who really run this country in Hollywierd, took down Megaupload, the largest file sharing site on the internet, using the criminal justice system to enforce civil law by manufacturing fake crimes to extract real money from private citizens.

Welcome to the New World Order folks, brought to you by Sony Entertainment and broadcast in THX Surround Sound. Fair Use is a thing of the past when the entertainment industry can just write a check to the Feds and have by the justice they want. Voting them out may not work this time, time to take a page from Thomas Jefferson's book and hit the big red reset button. If there's a tagline to this whole mess it just might be "Got Ammo?"
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