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Google my full name jeffreydavidmorris (jeffreydavidmorris)
Google me: jeffreydavidmorris
Google me: jeffreydavidmorris


Me: Evenings B 4 9pm, Homeless 5+yrs, NEED $, Starbucks, Pier & Hermosa Ave, 90254

Jesus will deem B 4 ALL on Judgment Day: when in life One could/should have . . .

Uh, no, I AIN'T lost my mind, (+) else under God/Heaven; THOSE that do NOTHING - have!

Me seek, REGARDLESS & no matter what, 417 sf > Bel Air or 90068, even with/for barter/exchange. Homeless 5+yrs, Google me jeffreydavidmorris

Me: Evenings B 4 9pm, Homeless 5+yrs, can do – win-win barter/exchange work done 4 living space; Google me jeffreydavidmorris, God bless.

Endless, vast, opposite of God exhibited human trait’s THINK ‘Rainbow’ means (?), LGBTQiA? Huh, WRONG! A rainbow solely – alone means, misc per / via / ie: God’s Holy Word (Bible): God’s allowed, physically seen sign unto humanity that HE (6 day’s) / 3 in 1 – 1 in 3 HT WON’T ‘flood’ the planet Earth no more;

THAT is solely alone the only reason & purpose, misc for a God’s allowing, physically seen sign for a rainbow’s existence, PERIOD! ANYTHING & EVERYTHING else, like in Book of Revelations (add to or take away, will HE through HIS sole Son Jesus do likewise unto them / those that exhibit such with ANYTHING & EVERYTHING HE’s created);

Including THAT NON-SELF owned, temporary human dust & ash of a temporary human living corpse ie: tatting up – tattoo’s & body piercing < UGH, especially on women, I like, as does God’s Holy Word (Bible) women natural, NOT submissive to men, NO, but equal, like & as in God’s originally given, NON-EVER voidable ‘Order’ (what to do & how to be) – care take of each other & NO – NOTHING with each individual more than another, PERIOD!

Me: Evenings B 4 9pm, Homeless 5+yrs, NEED $, I do odd job labor work; ME Starbucks, Pier & Hermosa Ave, 90254

How many more individual fellow local (say Los Angeles County – USA) homeless human’s have to senselessly, continuously, misc die before THOSE of capable $ housing, misc means & circumstance’s exhibitedly rise up with humane, MacGyver, capable (above) incentive (s), care & regard, per / via / ie: God’s originally given, NON-EVER voidable ‘Order’ (what to do & how to be > care take of each other, no more or less than each other individually as a Whole species)?

Whether LA Times, (+) else vast other News media, per / via / ie: 20 yr’s – TO DATE archive’s factually reveal all too well the clueful problem (s), (+) else thereof, & separately vast else not reported > under the rug, quieted, misc . . .

Does ANY of local – global humanity REALLY, TRULY ponder, misc whether amidst / amongst other’s & / or alone just what the Coming human incomprehensible, Holy, Reckoning, Judicial, Retributory / Retributionary, Scene of ALL Scene’s, 1st of 2, Day of Judgment is going to exhibit? HUH, YOU ought to, (+) else OR incomprehensible VAST MANY will spend eternity in > incomprehensible, eternal, timeless, sulfur scented & stenched, spaceless & limitless, Hell / Lake of Fire (will accommodate) screaming, crying & WISHING (when in life One – masses should / should have) THEY had!

DON’T bring God into YOU’RE foul, noise, B/S, (+) else human politics < HE has NOTHING to do with humanity’s exhibited, ROGUE (from HIM), opposite of solely alone HIS desire, crap, noise, (+) else;

Earth is NOT screwed up, NOR did God do ‘THIS’, sole alone cause IS: adult humanity (excluding in ANY past – to date human time generation, THAT of the local – global children / kid’s < Jesus’s Little One’s = “IF ANY adult human’s keep these Little One’s from ME (Jesus), THEY (adult human’s ) will NEVER see MY (Jesus) Father”! PERIOD!

Those before us (history) like Nimrod, Judas, & (+) else CHOSE atheism, misc & STILL, after centuries (or Time gone by) past – tick tock momentarily TO DATE local – global = NO exhibited before solely alone God, 3 in 1 – 1 in 3 HT & ALL of Heaven change of humanity!

Every so human incomprehensible (chosen by God, 3 in 1 – 1 in 3 HT & ALL of Heaven) HE deems / orders a purging, cleansing, CLEAN HOUSE per / via / ie: past The Flood re: late fellow human Brother Noah’s Time, & (+) else of past history. YOU local – global civilian & POWER humanity ponder THAT!
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